One thing I really hope to see in AOE2 DE

Greetings, developers. Seeing AOE2 DE was the most intriguing moment in this year.

I have played the game since the CD version released. There is one thing I really hope to see is more support to custom AI script. Which is crucial when it comes to making a scenario or campaign.

There are a lot of player obsess with the scenario editor, but lack support with custom ai script. Some great custom campaign have to stick with the game AI, making it a bit weird.

there is a AI builder in the webpage of forgotten empire, Which I think is really great. I hope there could be more support in it. I was dreaming one built-in AI builder so that we could utillize in our artpieces.

I feel like it is too much of demanding when I talk about suggestions. I know the effort in development is huge, the love of this game is unbelievable.

Deep thanks to all.

Custom AI builder: