One Year Since Release, Disconnect Bug STILL Affects AoE2: DE

I don’t know you but i have played around 500 multiplayer games with only 13 drops and that counting the weeks that the patch was dropping players min 1.

I am talking about my experience and telling you about others, they have played thousands of games, you need to acknowledge that your issues doesn’t affect everyone, just a small fraction, it is unfortunate yes i know, but you might try with a different ISP instead of blaming the devs.

500 team games and you only saw 13 drops happen? Sorry but that is just not reflective of what the community is reporting and I am not sure what kind of games you play. And you need to understand that is other people dropping in team games not specifically the person who reports this issue.

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so you polled the entire community and they told you they are experience high disconnect rates?
i’ve literally watched hordes of tournament games in the past couple months and i don’t know if i can even point out a disconnect during those games.

I hate to break it to you but yes 99% of the community do not play tournament games. Also most create their own unranked lobbies. A simple glance at the number of players in ranked vs unranked on can tell you this info.

and yet if disconnects were happening as often as you seem to advertise them as happening, you would think we would see them sometimes in tournaments.

the guy you responded to claimed to play 500 games and get 13 disconnects. and you said that was statistically low based on the community. which means that in the tournaments we’ve been seeing this year between HC3/NAC3/Red Bull/BoA2 we should have at least seen some disconnects in those games, if by sheer quantity of games played.
or are you telling me that those tournaments are having sheer stupid luck to not DC?

Now im not saying DCs aren’t happening, but i know that i’ve watched a lot of viper playing lately on his stream. i don’t recall him or any of his opponents dcing all that much lately.

I am not sure what kind of servers or regions the pros play in, but I play daily, and know people who play daily, and read a lot about the game, and disconnects remain an issue. Note that I am talking about team games, and mostly unranked team games. It is possible that its mostly the servers that I and the people I know play on (e.g., USWest) but lets see. I created a poll to gauge people’s experiences here.

Well turnaments seem to be running on dedicated servers. (so they are able to play it on old patch etc) So i think its expected to work properly there. I have about 1K DE games and can say this my PC is quite high end and internet stable 1vs1 rankeds dont drop much only on unstable patches but other than that its kinda rare. But when it comes to team rankeds its lotery it drops way too often (even to players with good pc and conection) game freezes and then speeds up or you load in with sound working but black screen (last week i played 3 vs 2 ranked on map for 8 players :slight_smile: )

You can argue and make excuse but in the end game is just in horrible state. and i dont mean to put blame here. I really hope that one day only problem will be ocasional minor bugs.

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Exactly. The people here making excuses (and I am not sure why they do that) probably dont play team games in lobbies. Anyone who does would know how widespread the issue is.

Tournament games might be hosted on different dedicated servers, I don’t know.

However, what I do know is that in tournament games there are only a handful of total players playing and every single one of them probably has a decent computer with a decent internet connection, so you’re probably not going to get disconnects.

Conversely in unranked lobbies as well as the ranked ladder you have thousands of people from all over the world who could be connected to each other in a game, and their internet connections are going to be all over the place.

It’s a completely different situation, and to say it doesn’t happen in tournament games and therefore wouldn’t be happening in unranked/ranked games is wrong.

I’ve posted above that if I didn’t like the game I wouldn’t be sitting on a forum whining about it, I would just get a refund and play something else.

The whole point I’m trying to make is that this is a great game at its core and the remaster has been done reallly well in terms of graphical overhaul and functional improvements.

However, what other games get right which is really really basic i.e. no disconnects, for some reason this game has gotten so wrong…

so what you’re saying is that people playing with bad pcs and bad internet connections are getting disconnected? that happens in any game.

Except it doesn’t. I’ve played League of Legends a lot in the past, and there are plenty of people with crappy internet connections who end up lagging, but they do not end up disconnecting.

Additionally, when you do disconnect in League you can reconnect. It’s very common for people to restart their internet then come back. For some reason you can’t come back to the game in AoE2 after you disconnect which is also ridiculous.

and for all your talk of people DCing i haven’t seen nearly as much a DC issue as you claim there is.

What are you playing? 1v1 or team games? And are you playing ranked or unranked?

I literally queued for a game before writing this, and someone dcd in the first five minutes…That’s the first game I’ve played today and it’s already happening…

playing and watching. mostly 1v1 ranked for playing.

Ok well there’s the difference.

If you’re watching you’re probably watching high level players who are playing other high level players, and at that level people will have decent connections/pcs etc.

But there is also a big difference in 1v1 vs. 4v4 for example. In 1v1 if you don’t disconnect, there is only the possibility that 1 other person in the game might disconnect. However, in a 4v4 if you disconnect, there is a possibility that any of the 7 other people can disconnect. So basically in team games there’s a much higher number of chances for people to disconnect and therefore you are way more likely to see it in team games than 1v1 (assuming you play the same number of team games and 1v1 games etc.)

Therefore it might be more of an issue in team games because:

  1. There’s more people in team games so more opportunities for disconnects to happen
  2. The server team games are hosted on is probably being picked in the middle of all the players, therefore everyone’s ping is likely to be worse

i’m playing the game too though.

Lemme get this topic back on track, since apparently no one in here gets y the disconnects are happening to begin with.

First of all, regardless of how good your internet is or not, this is a BUG that only affects some people, I have a friend who has this problem and he noticed that after around 5m of match the game disconnects, but not because his internet is back, it’s because his xbox account logs off by itself after 5m every single time he plays multiplayer, he already made countless checks to see if his internet was disconnecting at any point and it never went off at all, the main reason the disconnects happen aren’t because of people’s internet, it’s because of a bug in the game.

The second thing is that since it only affects some people, and it affects them every single match, ofc they won’t waste their time trying to play 500 multiplayer matches, they’ll try playing a bit once an update happens, will notice this bug still happens and then won’t touch the multiplayer again until the next update, so this very simply explains y u don’t see a lot of players disconnecting all the time, it’s because they already gave up trying.

I dont know if what you say is true or not, but if it is caused by xbox auto logging off then surely if I, as a steam player, disable crossplay in the options, the problem would stop, no?

Also I dont think people are giving up who disconnect all the time. I’ve played 3 games today and there were disconnects in 2 of them…

It could also be more than one issue causing the disconnects