Online game lag

Hi Guys,
So not sure if this is a running thing. But for no reason at all the last few weeks during multiplayer/online games my game had been having performance issues about 30mins in and it never seems to recover. It’s happenned to me about 10-15 times in succession now.
I have checked my settings, updated my driver’s, ran performance tests (consistently scored 1171.9).
The other players in the game are not experiencing these issues and my connection is fine as I have no issues in other games.
Any suggestions?


Mate its happening to so many of us.
They will not respond to us at all in terms of whether they are actively managing it or not.
It began leading up to the anniversary patch, but the anniversary patch just tipped it over the line that o many are getting it now.
The lobby is at 8FPS in online mutiplayer; and in most online matches 30 mins in game gets super laggy.
Everytime someone ages up there is a mini freeze.
They need to revert back to a functional update and work out what is actually causing the issue.

But the very LEAST they could do is just communicate to us an approximate timeline for when they can have a fix. So far, silence. Nothing. It’s very poor form from the devs. Very disappointed.