Online Ranked -- dead or bugged?

Hey guys, first time posting here.

Question about age 2 DE

Im trying to play ranked (2x2 or 3x3) for a while now and its impossible, the game keep searching and never find anyone. Im the only with this issue? Steam version is different?

thank you

I cant join any ranked games or see any lobbies period right now.
I think it is a bug going around right now.

I signed OUT of xboxlive from the main menu screen and now it works again. worth a shot

Hi HavokBH, welcome to the forums!

Make sure your game is up to date (last build is 35584) and that the crossplay is enabled.

tks guys. I`ll try those options. About the version is already up do date :frowning:

Sign out of xbox and then sign back in it should work it is a known bug

hey guys, sign out, sign in.

Waiting for the past 5 min for a 2x2 ranked and nothing :frowning: