Only archer line's bonus damage to building can beat walling meta

Archer and Skir should give more damage to building So that we can prevent from walling

No. Walling is already nerfed too much arguably, most people have started small walling instead of full walling. Archers are already great counters to small walls, because they can range vils behind them. Also, have you heard of melee units or seige? They are actually meant to break walls. Don’t try and bring obsidian arrows back.

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Archers are already the most effective units in the game, they don’t need any more buffs.


archers are already the most popular playstyle in feudal and probably castle as well, and can shoot over walls to kill villagers walling as is. if walling needed to be nerfed further (and i don’t think it does), i would do so in a way that benefits melee units, not ranged units.


Archers are pretty anti-wall already, melee units actually have harder (“relative”) time dealing with walls because of repairment.

Also Saracens have extra damage against buildings and you can see even a +3 bonus is devastating against walls

What?? No… Archers shouldn’t be able to attack building if you ask me…
You want to nerf walling, I prefer new feudal trash siege instead of archers melting buildings…

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Palisades are strong and last patch fixed just on mega open maps. The opemer has a point here. But the Problem i see is not for archers. They shred through palisades anyway

The real problem i see the strong defence against all melee units. Although a melee deals more damage per hit, it is barely possible to make more than three units attack a single palisade tile the same and melee cant prevent workers placing houses behind.

The solution would be a weaker defence against melee damage for palisades and overall a bit more hitpoints in return. This way archers would need longer tobreak through and melee, especially milita line gets more value.