Only for Fun - Redesign the knight line

Imagine we get some new civs that can’t train Knight. Instead they can create an equivalent cavalry from stable. How would you design that unit? Here is mine -

Cost : 50f, 60g
TT : 25 s
HP : 85, 100, 125
Armor : 2/2, 2/2, 2/3
Attack : 9, 11, 12
ROF : 2
Speed : 1.45
LOS : 4
Upgrade Cost : 250f + 250g, 1000f + 850g
Upgrade Time : 75s, 130s

Since this unit can be trained from Stable and not an UU, it is preferred to not have a gimmick (charge attack, ignoring armor).

Knight with extra steps.
We already have the Knight.

Indians have Camel buff to compensate, and they wish they had the Knight instead.
Unless it IS A KNIGHT, there is no “compensatory” unit.

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Except when you are an American civ.

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The Eagle Warrior still does not compensate for lacking Knights, and the reason it even exists, is because you CANNOT give ANY Cavalry to American Native civs.

Any civ that has a Stables, should just have a Knight. The Steppe Lancer and Battle Elephant, were bad additions to the game.

Incas and Aztecs can convert a stable from the enemy and train Xolotl warriors. Get redemption and try it out :slight_smile:

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Only for fun is not a concept that this forum seams to understand 11


Designing cav units is quite hard nowadays. Like every DE cav unit has a gimmick of some sort and even then it’s not always enough (RIP steppe lancer). That’s why making a knight substitute that’s just cheaper while having worse stats would probs lead to a unit that is not so good, and not so fun to use either, as people would probs feel like they would have a better time playing with keshiks or coustilliers.

As to what kind of gimmick is left for a knight substitute… I’m not feeling imaginative enough rn and let’s be real it’s quite a touchy subject 11 Like every DE cav unit has been criticized for having a gimmick.

The best idea I have rn is to make it two stages (like the SL) with a cheap upgrade (something like 500f 500g) so that it gets this advantage over the knight. Another idea could be to make it unlocked in feudal age and upgradable in castle but as a trade of it sucks in imp but I have no idea how you could balance that out.

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Maybe as we couldn’t give this unit a clear role yet.

Can’t agree. It is a nice addition.

Very hard to justify to go for in castle age though.

Since it is not an UU, a gimmick is not needed. I think I should write “No Gimmick/special ability” on the thread.

Still more expensive than Cavalier upgrade. The upgrade needs to be more worthy then.

Excellent idea. Didn’t even think like that. Please design one when you can.

It would be kind of hard tho 11 Since it’s a knight substitute it has to cost gold ig. Then dunno if it would need to deal bonus damage to some other kind of unit. There isn’t much units in feudal so it’s harder to fit something else among them. Heck just look at how unimaginative the serjeant’s stats are in feudal 11
Ofc avoiding to do that again would be ideal.

That’s extremely low HP and Attack for a cavalry unit that costs gold.

If its cost is around the knight it will be harder to train in Feudal. Also you can give it a longer TT only in Feudal just like Eagles. So you have to decide between cheaper and faster to train scout or a stronger cavalry but expensive (and slower to train). Hopefully a balance can be found.