Only have bad experience so far

Couldn’t figure out how to play multiplayer as it kept prompting that I need to create home city first despite me doing that 100 times before that. Finally support suggested creating a custom name and it worked.

Then, I need to create this everytime I start/play the game. Really?

Overall, graphics sucks! I have $600 graphics card and settings says I have the highest level of graphics but looks like a 20 year old game. I expected far better graphics.

And I barely find any multiplayer game to play that is open.

First game (4v4) - Said I am out of sync and quit within seconds

Second game (2v2) - Very imbalanced and resigned after frustration. There’s got to be some way to express skill and match based on that.

Third game - quit in frustration as the cursor changed to triangle and couldn’t do anything

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