Opinion on a tech concept;a civilization unique castle age tech

A tech that becomes available at castle age which allows unique units to be built from town centers including the trebuchet at the imperial age.
I don’t know if it would be too powerful,but it would allow to mass produce a unique unit which is better quantity wise for a civ.A unit like the karambit warior,using 0.5 pop space (but exclude the speedy production for balance purposes).

This would take away from what makes goths and huns unique.

Furthermore during caetle age you really want your TCS making villagers.

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Well wouldnt it be the 3rd civi along with huns goths?I personally like this idea.

He’s talking more rhen one civ. He wants it for many.

Oh right I thought this is for one civi.

Longboats from TCs or riot!!


just kidding