[Opinion] Some Bad User Experiences To Consider

It’s beautiful how AoE2 is looking after the latest update. I have nothing to say about the hotkeys, graphics and mechanics they all are perfect for me.

Map Pool
Correct me if Im wrong but I think the map pool and map banning system was inspired from Starcraft 2. The problem is all map structure on SC2 are similar to eachother and that is not the case with AoE2.

For someone like me that played thousands of Arabia games, I never got bored or complained about playing it. And I really wish I someday could run AOE2 DE and be able to select Arabia only.

Please don’t judge I just find nomad, blackforest, arena and water maps unpleasantly slow paced and dull. I do not want to start without a town center, boom behind walls/trees or build boats that’s not me. On the other hand I do enjoy Golden Pit.

Reconnect Button

I have suggested a reconnect feature on a previous post but i’m not sure i was heard so I wish the devs can look into this and make it happen. I feel it’s the only missing multiplayer feature at the moment.

Thank you for your time. I wish this thread reaches the devs.