Opinion : The Game is really fun to play despite the graphics being so so

Well i think that perhaps we have been too harsh and excessively negative about the game.

Of course graphics are outdated, they didn’t fix the hotkeys and zoom issues. There are still many things to fix and to add like an Elo ladder adn ranked match making.

However we have to admit that the game is really entertaining and refreshing in the AOE series.

Let’s hope they’ll fix many of those issues with the dlcs/expansions.

I mean how do you want an old franchise to be resurected without giving them money ? Yeah microsoft is rich but they are the kind of company to not invest into things that are not profitable.

So yes if they improve things i’ll consider spending more money on the expansions because i want the aoe series to continue.

And perhaps they’ll come out with more interesting gameplay civs there are good mecanics/concepts to create and exploit with south american civs, Asian civs and lat medieval/Age of discovery civs.