How do you guys feel when you queue for team supremacy games and are vs. a premade France + Russia duo or other obvious combination?

I can’t imagine playing exclusively in a way you get an advantage built into the civs you’re picking, just seems so lame.

The strat used is always so predictable and with those civs nearly impossible to stop if you’re not 100% coordinated with your teammate.

Lobby then

You queue into ranked, you know its a sweatshow

For better or worse, and for many reasons, its not aoe2 where random QS is popular. civs too complex and especially 2v2 risk getting bad civ combos. So people loading up to QS want to win, in which case Russia/France is simply a great way to farm elo

I’m guilty of this too huss go BRRR but then i got bored and LOWkota -250elo but like I get why its done. if goal is just win, why not?

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If you queue in rank, sure almost people want to win that will choose a better combination they consider.

Same reason you can also have fix teammate for good combination.

If you don’t want to always face same strong civs, you can just create lobby for random civs.