Opinions on healers/priests at plaza

What do you think on healing wheel and Ixtilton nerfs?? Why did they happen? These civs were that strong after devs add it?? If so, why not just remove these cards??

In my opinion the fact they can use healers at plaza was enough buff for Hauds and Lakota since they get 10 more workers.
About Ixtilton, well now It feels useless as its just 2 more workers after getting all 10 priests



I’m surprised they nerfed the healing wheel card, I didn’t think anyone other than myself ever used it. I kind of liked the idea of actually using the firepit with civs other than Aztecs, was it really overpowered enough to nerf it? I guess it must have been. It didn’t seem to do that much when I used it in my games, but I really haven’t a clue. I have to assume they had a good reason for the nerf. When you consider other civs have 4 and 5 villager cards in age two, is the medicine wheel really more powerful than those cards? I highly doubt it. Maybe they should have just moved the card to age 2.


Feels like a treaty balance as even with 4 healer card trying to " healer boom" as haude or lakota was not worth it and only after 99 vils does the medicine wheel card really have much value as a shipment since things like hardwoods, age3 food, even the age4 inf sends (1500res/bison) usually better value. I saw it used in 3v3 and some very late 2v2s but thats about it.

Only in nr40 could i see this card being a consistent overtuned card. The value of it is like 5 vills dancing, now its 3. Dunno but ill probanly remove this in my decks for food silos or something again.

If im wrong or someone knows a dirty trick with medicine wheels let us know.


Really doesn’t deserve a nerf imo, its a purely treaty oriented change. Medicine wheels is a card that’s only strong if you have a full healer firepit, which itself is already a huge investment. In sup it’s basically going to be useless. The only time it felt a bit strong was in teamgames if you send medicine wheels on haud w/ a 10 healer pit you can get more travois than you know what to do with, it’s pretty meme tier.


Glad to see this is finally getting some attention as it is a blanket nerf that will effect over a dozen ceremonies and strategies from civs that are already underrepresented on the ladder.

We have to assume they are nerfing priest and healers for the sake of the no-rush game mode :(. It is really a shame to see supremacy negatively impacted for the sake of treaty. That is the only context I can see where nerfing medicine wheel, healers and Ixtilton could even begin to make sense. Some treaty players have been complaining about aztec, and community plaza I guess, but there are no supremacy players who understand the healer nerf as far as I know.

A healer takes 540 ville seconds to create and provides the economic equivilant of of 1.25 villes on the CP making them the worst in Healing Unit : Ville value ratio in BOTH on the CP and in terms of ville seconds to produce, despite having less utility. After the patch it will be 1.2 villes. This is something that would only ever become a problem in treaty, as a healer boom in supremacy requires a significant investment that would leave the booming player vulnerable to attack. imo the game shouldn’t be so easy for native civs opponents that they should neither need to raid them or push them during a boom. Imagine if people actually started utilizing spies to check for this, which are also good against Warchiefs. If Healers absolutly must be nerfed it might be good to see their production time decreased to compensate.

For sake of comparison

Victory Ceremony with 10 healer and 15 villes: +30% damage
Victory Ceremony with 10 healer and 15 villes+Medicine Wheel: +37%
1 Healer takes 540 ville seconds to produce.
1 Healer = 1.25 ville equivilant on CP

Victory Ceremony with 10 WP and 15 villes:+38%
Victory Ceremony with 10 WP and 15 villes and Ixtilton: +43%
1 Warrior priest takes 404 ville seconds
1 WP = 2 ville equivilant on CP

Victory Ceremony with 10 Priestess and 15 villes: +32% damage
1 Priestest takes 631 ville seconds
1 Priestess = 1.5 ville equivilant on CP


Victory Ceremony with 25 villes: +27% damage

There was no reason. Now that cards are useless on both modes because there are other ones better.
The worst thing is they nerfed other aspects to compensate for stronger plazas, a nosense now

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Justified atleast for Treaty. All 3 civs were overperforming and needed a nerf. If you remove the cards entirely, the civs would be too weak as they have already had nerfs along the line to justify the pit buffs.

Just remove the cards and revert other nerfs, easy cause a card for just 2 vills seems not worth it while theses civs are too limited on decks.

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About overperforming, Hauds have been since they have supply of wood and I keep waiting for a nerf on their army.
I dont see Lakota overperforming when they dont have culvs, anyways.

Natives are rarely seen on treaty, nerfing them with no reason wont change that.

Maybe not in your games, but in the highest level of games, all 3 civs are too strong. Hopefully they are in a better place now.