Opinions on Springalds shooting through walls?

As title states, I’m wondering the general opinion on this

I’m unsure if this is intended, as other unangled siege weapons can not shoot through walls.

I encountered a game recently where someone had mass spammed springalds, stuck them in a corner of the map, and walled them in, using the walls and trees to block my mangonels or troops from getting range. A rather complicated cheese, but still pretty cheesy.

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I’m just watching a game on Twitch and again I think it’s really weird that springalds, but also crossbows, can shoot right through the pallisade wall. I think it’s not right.

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This has to be a bug. Otherwise the trajectory system makes no sense. Only trebs, mangonels, Nob and archers should be able to do this.

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That’s what I was leaning towards