Opponent paused the game for over 30 minutes

After the drush of my opponent failed, he paused the game. I thought he would be back and kept waiting. After my patience ran out, I unpaused it myself and he immediately resigned which means he was there. I had been trying to contact him for over 25 minutes but no response.

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Just click unpause after 5 minutes. You should not wait any longer than that. I think they can do it only so many times. But yeah, that was lame of him. I think he was trying to bore into quitting.


I think the same…

Eesh im sorry man. This is really sad that someone was such a complete a-hole.

But yeah there’s no way i would remotely let someone pause for that long. 5 min max, then they can resign or lose to being afk. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You know about the pause and desync thing? They pause and desync and you will only know if you unpause? It might have been something similar?


maybe he died or went to toilet cause he is diarrhea. or got a shot from window. or his mom/father called him and job take long


Nope. Please explain.

After I unpaused, within 3 seconds, I was greeted with “you are victorious”.

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it could have still been some attempt at the pause/de-sync abuse.

could be wrong but the server might only detect it when the game resumes. thus the “victorious” after resuming, and maybe it gave like 3 sec to reconnect

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he should have resigned early, just cant see without unpause

That’s too bad. If you never saw and are curious to read, there was an old thread talking about pauses and possible solutions in detail.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if any changes have been made to the game regarding pauses since this thread

thats most likely what it is, infact when that happens it will not say disconnect it will say as when player resigned.

had this happen several times, friend in same game and message us on steam to pause due to issue, later message that they dropped/disconnect or game close w/e, we unpause and it says he resign instead of lost connection.