Optimize performance or AoE II: DE is dead on arrival


I’ve been playing AoE II HD recently and noticed that, despite many patches, it still has major performance issues on the large maps with many players and high (> 300?) pop limits, even in single player where internet is not a factor. Chief among these is unit pathfinding, which essentially becomes non-functional at high pop limits and drags FPS down to < 1.

To be honest, I’m not sure why they bothered with features like 500 pop limit and LudaKRIS map size when it is obvious that the game engine in its current form cannot handle them.

If you look at the AoE I: DE forums, poor unit pathfinding was also a major problem in that game as well. I hope the Devs have learned their lesson and realize that this problem desperately needs fixed in for AoE II DE. Please optimize pathfinding for 2018 hardware! Otherwise, the modern additions to the game are pointless.

I realize these are simply remastering jobs, but this fix will keep people playing the game for much longer!