Option disable double click villagers

I got a good idea that most would surely like to have it as an additional option for the game.

Sometimes if for example military units staying right next to your villagers and unfortunately you click the villagers instead the military unit. You press double click and move all your working villagers to the wrong place. Honestly I avoid to use double to villagers because I often scared when I probably missing to see any of them on the screen.

So it would be perfect you can disable in your option menu.


haha i hate it and love it at the same time, still the quickest way of selecting them, while at the same time i also make mistakes and move too many of them… especially off of farms, and then because they’re retarded you almost have to get each single one of them back onto their own farm individually…

Happened to me many times by accident. I like the idea of a menu toggle. Defaults to current behavior, but for those who want it to be different, can toggle it off.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to second that motion. An accidental villager double-click has moved my entire farm economy on more than one occasion. And, I don’t know of an easy way to retask a mob of villagers back to farms. (Please tell me if you know – tasking them to build a single new farm does not redistribute the remainder as I hoped.)

Double-click works well for military and buildings, but not so much for villagers.

Should be tripple click instead, or something other, but not the same as with military units, and it should exist.

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A button in option setting to turn on and off, that is what I proposed.

That’s a simple modification and will make a huge difference for my mental health when I try to select all my military units with double click and suddenly all my villagers start to move. Then I have to reassign everyone to their task again. I saw some pro players making the same mistake so I guess it’s a common issue and it’s really annoying.


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I had this exact idea today when i once again retasked my whole economy by mistake.

I wonder if we can get more traction for this idea

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I agree with this! Sometimes it is very annoying to retask the vills.

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