Option to disable score/enemy age up notifications, enemy civ reveal, and foundation scouting in game?

Let me preface this post by saying I am ecstatic at the game’s resurgence and growing popularity in the e-sports scene.

That being said, anyone else think we should have such “scoutable” attributes optionally disabled (i.e. required in rated mode, optional otherwise)? Watching scores to identify when an enemy ages up or being notified when they do age up feels artificial at best and potentially reduces strategic depth in the game as riskier/unique strategies can sometimes be made known through this information. Why not rely on scouting for this intelligence?

As for enemy civ, if one chooses to go “Random”, the game should not reveal the civ to give Random players a surprise factor (similar to SC2).

Finally building foundation scouting shouldn’t be in the game, seems like an exploit…

Thoughts? I do recall UserPatch featured a disable score option at some point.

(This is a cross-post from my thread on r/aoe2 which got some support so thought I would post here too)…

Yes, with the UserPatch you can disable score and age up notifications.

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I disagree, if you don’t know what your enemy civ is until you scout them, you cannot choose a proper BO

With Score and Age Notifications , the player may find if the enemy use CHEATS, If his score increased suddenly…
Also, if some of the players is far behind the enemy, and he see the Score, he may Resign, to not waste time
If a player play until destroying all enemy unts, that may lengthen the game with 20 minutes. Especially in a team game with large map, it is very annoying to search for only one unit at the whole map, even when the positions of enemy are revealed using Spy.

Agreed, this way guy going random can have a little advantage over the civ pickers.

Yes we need to give some incentive for Random players. If all one sees is “Random” as the civ- I can think of a few ways to go about it:

  1. Use visual cues to determine what civ (i.e. architecture sets, units, attributes)
  2. Reveal civ once one has scouted enemy buildings or units

First option would be quite strong for Random players for architecture sets that are common across multiple civs- second one gives a much smaller bonus.

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