Option to Handicap Unranked Games

Ranked games are intense and competitive, as they should be. But, unranked games with standard scenarios should primarily be just about having fun.

To balance players during these games, add an option to the lobby of an unranked game to apply a handicap based on relative ELO. The highest ELO player is unaffected. Each player below that receives some bonus modifier in relation to their ELO and the highest player’s ELO.

For example, let’s say a lower ranked player is 25% less skilled, based on some sort of ELO math. The game could provide an extra 25% resources as they are gathered by that lower player. The resources last just as long, they are just being supplemented. That means the less skilled player who doesn’t gather sheep directly underneath the town center, or gathers from multiple sheep simultaneously, may still be able to keep up in dark age. As the game continues and they have fewer villagers (relative to other players), their resource generation may still be able to keep up.

The goal of a handicap system is to allow players of unequal skill levels to be able to play competitive games against each other, with the possibility that a less-skilled player having a good day can win a game.

This would reduce the likelihood of needing to label as many lobbies with ‘noob’ only.

Two issues:

  • Unranked elo is pretty much unreiable to use.
  • Most players in the lobby arent really active with ranked games, so they dont have a rating or their rating is unreiable.

So you need to fix this first. Also it needs to be an option. It cant be the standard setting that never can be changed.

For example: The lobby is also the place to play for tournaments. So it is not only for fun.

It’s unranked, why even mention elo. It could and should just be implemented as a handicap feature. Interestingly, AOM had this feature but it was merely a novelty.

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