Option to hide enemy scores in real time

Since the enemy’s score can be seen during the game, the enemy’s strength is known and there is no thrill.
I want a setting that hides the enemy’s score

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Check your hotkeys, under Game I think, there should be an option to hide player scores. It might be f4 from memory, but that could be wrong, as I always have the scoreboard toggled on.

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Not such a rudimentary thing, the score list that appears in the lower right during the game
If you know your opponent’s score is low, you will lose your mind to play at that point
I want you to be able to set it when setting up a host

Yes, I had say it several times… scores break the inmerssion, should be banished from real time gameplay

Score has been in aoe game since 20 years ago. The recent aoe4 doesn’t show score but I don’t like it. I prefer the current one.

That’s not what I want to tell you, especially if you can see the opponent’s score during forest gameplay, you can imagine that the enemy is weak and it’s boring.
Also, you can imagine if the enemy is making combat units by looking at the score numbers
It is desirable to fight in a state where everyone does not know whether the enemy is strong or weak

Not a good argument… Berserkergang too and look at it, finally was reworked in something better.

Is no about preferences, is about gameplay. Scores interpretation is like cheating… you have information of your enemy for free… you can lose your scout and still know if he is going to drushing you because of the score.
Exploration is a core mechanic and you are shadowing it with scores

Yes it will be more fun if there was an togglable option to turn off live score for all players. This will make the game less predictable and more interesting.

Score is a core mechanic on aoe2 for years. That’s what i mean.

It is nore boring for me if I expect opponent to fight me but end up not putting a decent resistance and just,resign once I attack him. With or without score, opponent being way behind is not a fun game. Try to find more balanced game

I think is more an unintentional “feature”, like others more obvious like mango deleting, wall spying, Tower jump, etc…
Many people exploiting that for so many years doesn’t make it desereable or worth keeping.

It also has the effect of reducing the number of players who give up and leave halfway through just because of the score difference. I want you to keep fighting until the end

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You still don’t know with which army your opponent is going to attack. Score in the early game just is an indicator how much someone scouted. You have to scout nevertheless for any suspicious behaviour. If your scout dies and you see a Barracks in Dark Age, you then ofc know that a drush is coming.

I don’t think it’s unintended. The sole Age game to not have this on by default is AoE 4 (It still can be turned on for custom games). In AoE 1 and 2, it’s toggable and in AoE 3 it’s fixed.

I think the problem here is that AoE 2 is the only game in the series to not have fixed win conditions in ranked games (actually not sure how AoE 1 is played) but in AoE 3 afaik you can go for Trade Routes and in AoE 4 you have Landmark, Sacred Sites and Wonder.
AoE 2 has ‘Conquest’ which allows for games to be dragged out and hiding the score wouldn’t change much.

I’ve been in games where the score lead was 4-5k and people didn’t gave up because they actually don’t spend too much attention to the score in heated situations.

Exactly… why should I know how much is my opponent scouting? There is good information there, if is not scouting then he is pushing deer, then most cases he will open scouts
Actually you don’t need to scout… With the high score of your enemy you can supose with a wide percentage of success if a drush is coming and short wall yourself or not.
Another case when score is exploited is when you can know when your enemy is aging up. There are plenty of gameplays when a player take a decision based in a score and usually the guessing is correct…

Well… don’t you think that maybe the cause of removing it in Aoe4 is exactly what I’m saying?

Just turn it off? I always do even at 1300 elo

You either get scared by his high score or you underestimate him cuz of low score usually

Yes, I can turn it off, but my opponent still have the information… That’s the point…

You still need to scout as pointed out. A score lead in Dark Age usually just means someone scouted more and it evens out in Feudal Age. You also want to know which buildings your opponent is making after Dark Age. Market + Blacksmith? That’s a Fast Castle. Two Ranges? Your opponent will fully commit to Archers in Feudal Age. That alone can’t be read from score as your opponent could just play mind games, pick an Archer civ and go for Scouts instead.

The score can be also inflated.

  • Player A rushes Player B. B succesfully defends the rush and kills the units and now has a score lead as the score takes the total amount of units killed throughout the entire game into account.
  • Player A and B try to convert units and one unit is converted back and forth - both get conversions counted towards the score and each conversion brings points.

Spirit of the Law made a nice video on that issue a couple of years ago - since calculation didn’t change from HD to DE, it’s still worth a watch:

Maybe it’s the problem of how the score is calculated in AoE 4 and it indeed spoils everything. But in AoE 2, there are better indicators than just relying on the score such as market prices (the market is universal and if a resource as a suspiciously high price, it’s often an indicator of severe market use).

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I understand how score works, thanks anyway, but still, “score scouting” is there, even pro players give tips of how use it in our favor.
Why keep it? Breaks the inmersion and just promote speculations biased in inflated numbers. Again, Why this is a good thing for the game experience? In my country, Argentina, there is a common phrase for things like that “Si no suma, que no reste”… If it does not add that it does not subtract.

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I know that score scouting exists but I don’t get how it breaks the immersion? After all, Age is a game and not a simulator. Score imo is mostly just important for games and tournaments with a fixed time limit such as Red Bull Wololo and after a while you figure out to be not too stressed about a score lead.

A good player wouldn’t pay that much attention to score anyway but rather to what’s actually happening on the screen such as previously mentioned examples:

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If the enemy’s score value is high, there are players who lose their motivation and drop out in the middle.
Conversely, if the enemy’s score value is low, it will feel boring and you will not be able to immerse yourself in the game.
You can be more immersed in the game if you don’t know the enemy.