Option to kick out a team player with majority of ally vote (from 3vs3)

I just played a game where there was a douche that started to build siege onagers and destroy my economy, military production, houses, castle and walling my military buildings with walls with vills, blocking trade with houses and blocking market by walling it. Helping enemy by building a market on the corner of enemy’s map. Giving direction to where i was. Obviously the team enemy was also in this as he didn’t kill him. I tried to use the same tactic but was vs 3 (as my other ally decided it wasn’t worth it and resigned)

I reported him and the enemy team but probably won’t happen anything so this would be a nice feature to include in some future version.

I don’t think this is a good solution for toxic and trolling players. If 2 guys go for a 3v3 game they could just kick the last guy because who knows why. Such a system will be abused by the same guy that killed your stuff with siege onagers.

The simple and appropriate solution would be a report system, which I think we have now. Although I am not sure how good it is working so far. People who troll usually do that more than once, so with enough people reporting them, they should receive punishment at some point.

The reason is important, why would 2 guy kick out a 3rd player? You can’t say for whatever reason. Even so, the manpowered required would increase by 1.