Option to lock Maximum and minimum zoom

I love the zoom in and out feature introduced in DE. It really helps in large battles.
Though there is only one big problem that bugs me to use it to the fullest.
It often happens that I accidentally scroll to zoom in bit too much. The unit raphics get ugly when they are stretched too much, sometimes the shadows tear from unit graphics.
Default zoom option is not very helpful.
It would be great if we can set a range of zoom manually so that we never scroll in or out way too much.
Is there a way it can be set by editing some files? Or will the devs plz introduce it?

Default zoom is incredibly helpful. I play in a 65-inch 4K TV with the Enhanced Graphics Pack. This means I have a wider zoom range than those that play in full HD. I am a player that likes to have my game partially zommed out (not all the way) because it is super easy to see literally everything I start a game with, meaning the TC, the vills, the scount and the sheep. It it weren’t for the default zooming, I would be either all the way zoomed out, which makes everything too small to build and such, or all the way zoomed in, which makes me feel like a town center was dropped on my face, or probably at 50% zoom, which is still too close for my taste.

I like your idea of being able to set a “useful” or “preferred” zoom range, but please don’t even think about getting rid of the default zoom option.

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I am not asking to get rid of the default zoom, just saying that it is not useful in my problem. So am asking for some additional features.