Optional QOL suggestions

To help players with bad eye sight like me. I have an idea for being able to discern natural resources with treasure Guardians. As well as be able to see what units are you commanding so well in a fight. As they are options would be cool to have these be able to be enabled or disabled via the options menu.

Natural Resources glow option- Allows a glow around natural resouces that blend too well with the environment to be seen. This includes fish and whales to be easier to click. Examples are whales being hard to click and Lizard hunts on Unknown so hard to click due to being tiny making me accidentally right click on Treasure guardians.

individual unit Kill count- Be able to see how many kills a specific unit has by clicking on them. Would be really cool to see how many units my canons kill. Especially when i command them so well they make it to the end of the game.

Thank you for reading <3 much love!


Yes this is very needed as one of my color blind friend have adapted to through practice but still use very drastic setting to play. This would be a great addition.

They had introduced some features in OPTIONS > ACCESSIBILITY.
But There can be more refinement there, with proper feedback.