Ordenanza rifleman should be more like state militia and landwehr

They have 2x against heavy infantry and 3x with counter infantry rifling, making them kind of overlap with cassadors.

As it is a crossbowman upgrade, it should be closer to crossbowman, which has lower multipliers. But as a rifle unit they can still benefit from counter infantry rifling (still leading to lower multipliers than skirmishers), which is basically the state militia/landwehr model.

Ports/US/Germans all have regular skirmishers, so unlike British they don’t really need to switch a non-skirmisher unit into a skirmisher.


Ordenanza shouldnt be like Landwehr. Landwehr was given to the germans as somewhat of a musketeer (light)… portugese have great musketeers already and they dont get used lategame since dragoons outshine them evenmore. So ordenanza would be even less usefull than the barely used musketeer unit

I mean the multipliers (which means lower).

Landwehr is closer to musketeers because of its higher base damage, but it is still more of a crossbowman in its role.

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