Order of the Dragon - Gilded Archer (Range) - (From Creator Video) Gilded Archer had only 5.00 range when fully upgraded (Elite & (+3) Ranged Attack & Incendiary Arrows)

For Order of the Dragon, after watching streams/videos of the DLC gameplay, Gilded Archers (Feudal Age) have 5.50 range.

However, in the timestamped video link from Beastyqt below, a fully upgraded Gilded Archer with Elite upgrade, Ranged Attack (+3), and Incendiary Arrows has 5.00 range.

The description of a Gilded Archer is:
“Ranged infantry with good damage vs. unarmored targets and increased fire rate and longer weapon range than standard Archers.”

I’m assuming this is unintended and an upgrade overwrites the 5.50 range it should have.



Now that I can test myself, the culprit is the “Incendiary Arrows” research from the University. It overwrites the Gilded Archer range to 5.00 tiles. It should be 5.50 tiles.

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