Order of the Dragon - Gilded Archer (Wasting attacks) - The fast attack speed causes them to self-sabotage themselves when shooting near their max range (UP TO 50% LESS DPS)

For Order of the Dragon, Gilded Archers have an attack speed of 1.00, which is very fast, but what happens is that around 4.50 - 5.50 attack range, even though they might kill a unit, they will shoot another arrow at the dead body, wasting a shot.

In the worst-case scenario, you can have a modest number of 7-12+ Gilded Archers that can 1-shot a unit when shooting together, but what happens is they all shoot an arrow and kill the unit, but then they’ll ALL shoot another arrow at the dead body. This is a massive waste of their potential, losing 50% of their overall DPS to shooting dead bodies. Any other Civ with 14-24+ Archers instead would never waste their damage like that.

Overkilling units because you invested so much into ranged damage is one thing, but when OOTD relies so heavily on archers and they sabotage themselves when shooting at their max range, which is how you want to use them, that’s too much.

Needless to say, this is very un-fun.

Fix: I would highly suggest making their arrows move faster, so they hit their targets sooner, instead of changing the damage or attack speed.

Note: This also happens with English Wynguard Rangers with Network of Citadels (9 range), and both Longbows and Wynguard Rangers when using Arrow Volley.