Organ Gun Buff

Modern machine gun setup then almost? :wink:

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Incas were counterable, especially on higher levels. and on very LEL levels, trushes dont happen much. Just some players struggled because it was unusual to fight against it. But there are many ways you can approach the situation.

Why not simply split the projectiles damage more evenly?
Elite Organ Gun does 20+2+2+2+2 total 28 damage, it makes no sense that sort of damage from a multi-barreled gun.
Would it be possible to change it to something like 6+6+6+6+6 with at least 3-4 guaranteed damage per bullet (even after armor mitigation and affecting missed shots)? I am thinking this because obviously with the damage so evenly spread it would cause a lot less damage to high pierce armor targets.
If it’s not possible, nevermind.

or maybe if the main bullet could pass through 1 unit at half damage. though that might suddenly make it a bit OP, so maybe quarter damage

Portuguese need another eco bonus.
Not organ gun buff

I would buff their researching speed bonus instead.

20% dark age 30% in feudal, 40% in castle, 50% in imperial

Or something like that. The nerf in dark age would almost be unnoticed.

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Organ gun should at least perform the way it is “advertised”, not even receive buffs. As for now it’s woefully ineffective against large groups of infantry/archers as most of the damage is done with the main bullet.
As it stands it doesn’t have a real function, I’d rather pay more and create mangonels against archers or slow infantry, even more considering that I don’t need castles for that.
And to take down buildings bombard cannons are way better, again they cost more, but not 650 stone.


That’s the problem, in my opinion, the research speed bonus just failed spectacularly at what it was meant to do, which is buff portuguese economy early game. As it is, it helps far more in tech switching in Imperial, where Ports are already powerful enough. At this point, I wished they would just replace it with an actually useful Eco bonus.

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might i suggest eco techs are reaserched instantly. i dont think it would be overpowered but i also feel it works nicely espetialy the wheelburrow and heavy plow

Yeah, that kinda sounds too OP.

you still need to pay the costs. i realy dont think it is op. its at its best with weelburow but it still costs alot of res. that makes it much much worse then that half of the viking bonus. the other eco techs reaserched instantly is definitly not op as they are usualy pretty quick to upgrade and are not used for anything else. you dont idle your lumbercamps

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With the time you save researching the Tech, you can boom like crazy in your TC.

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still its much much worse then getting it for free. and its an eco bonus we want some sort of benifite to your economy

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i think its comparible to the free loom research time that goths get and that bonus is far from op. your saving time for 3 vilagers compaired to someone else who reaserches wheelburrow but you are spending double the res to get there.

make it like 25% or 20% and let it affect aging up as well

Need to correct your post since you are cokpeltely wrong in your organ gun understanding.

The extra bullets of organ guns do 2 flat dmasge ignoring amor already.

If you changed organ guns to 6+ 4x6 it would do 1 dmasge with the main bullet against most targets with 5 pierce armor and 4x6 damage independant of armor. In total 25 damage if everything hit but the extra bullets miss more often than the main bullet but the do full dmasge even when missing the intended target. It’s unclear if this would be a buff, nerf. But for sure not much difference.

Just give the main bullet 0.5 blast would be the least intrusive change.

Organ guns as a UU are strictly worse than heavy scorpions and immsenely worse than celts or Mongols or Khmer heavy scorps. In my opinion scorps are the best comparison to organ since both have similar counters (paladin, onagee) and minimum range.

Shouldnt organ guns be better than scorpions?

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Vikings powerful eco is powerful because of their time saved, not because of the resources. Wheelbarrow equals 3 villagers of TC time. It is not compsrable to free loom.

Most build orders buy 2 eco upgrades (wood and farms) upon ageing up. With this bonus, they could delay those upgrades and research wheelbsrrow instead and after a bit of time buy the wood ecoupgrades.

Wheelbarrow boost your eco a lot but at the cost of 3 villagers of TC time. 3 villagers do a lot.

Thanks for saying what I already knew :face_with_monocle:
I was asking for hybrid bullets that did 6 damage, but with a minimum of 3-4 to avoid to do almost zero damage to anything with more than 5 pierce armor. Obviously they couldn’t do 6 GUARANTEED damage for each bullet, the damage would have been too OP, but at the same time I didn’t want it to do 1+1+1+1+1 against targets with more than 5 pierce armor. Such thing would have also required some sort of splash/cone damage.
I don’t know if such a hybrid mechanic exists, hence why I said “nevermind if it doesn’t”.
Splash damage on the main bullet is nice, I suppose it’s the best we could receive, still it would be just a patch.

okay mabey just 100% faster. so you save 1.5 vills

Possible if you give organ guns bonus damage. But I think 0.5 AoE on main projectile than reworking organ gun mechanics. Even with 0.5 AoE it still wont be better than scorpions