Organ guns are a joke comapred to hussites

Putting the stats of elite organs and elite wagons next to each other is ridicicolous:

lets start with wagons

cost: 110 wood, 70 gold, 21 sec trantime
elite upgrade 800 wood and 600 gold

20 atk main bullet
2 extra bullets (same bullets as organ guns(
3 anti ram bonus damage
2 anti bulding bonus damage
range 6, no minimium range
rate of fire 3.45
accuracy 90%
speed 0.85 (boosted by their UT)
1 meele, 10 pierce armor, 250 hp, but does take extra bonus damage from mangonels and bbc.
units behind it receive 50% less projectile damage
attack delay 0.93

now organ guns

cost: 80 wood ,56 gold, same 21 sec trantime (30 wood and 14 gold cheaper)
elite upgrade 1200 food and 500 gold, quite a lot more expensive and food is much more valuable than wood in early imp

20 atk main bullet (same!)
4 extra bullets (2 more, barely matters, biggest effect reeally against buildings and siege rams where the wagon has bonus attack anyway…)
no bonus damages
range 7 and minimum range (so 1 more range, but instead minimum range…)
rate of fire 3.45 (same)
accuracy 50% (much less than the wagon, putton organ guns damage significanyl lower than wagons)
speed 0.85 (same but not UT boost)
2 meele, 6 pierce armor, 70hp, (1 more meele, but wagons have 4 more pierce, more than 3 times more hp 180 more)
no special 50% damage redcution cover gimmick
attack delay 0.6 (quite a bit less, but actually still bad, and wagons are so tanky anyway thez can suck up damage and take time to shot.

basically wagons are 3 times as tanky, with atleast the same dps as organ guns, 1 less range but instead no minimum range plus the cover gimmick and onlt cost 14 more gold and 30 more wood.

It is just not fair. elite organs were never really good, and only viable in a early castle scneario before crossbows got att their upgrades, but this new UU ist just an insult to organs

organ guns need to get a significant dps boost, best case that allows them to actually be good against groups of enemies like orginally advertised in their unit description. At this point just give elite organ guns main bullet 0.5 blast damage like bbc.

by they way, the recent buff to organ guns that their extra projectile deals 2 instead of 1 damage when missing also affects the war wagons extra bullets.

alternatively you could always cut the war wagons mail bullet dmage down to 12-15 and reduce the accuracy to a more fitting 65%.


Add 4 extra bullets to OG (+8 in total) with lower accuracy and more HP (maybe reduce the Elite cost)