Original Audio Request

As much as its already hard enough to adjust to all the new features, one thing that may certainly help is original sounds. Yes i mean all original sounds from units to wololo sound to all general game sounds. I know this wouldnt be an easy talk but wondering how to go about it? I couldnt even find the audio folder in DE so i couldnt start with the mod.

Can any one direct me with few steps so i can start? Where is the audio located? What tools do i need.



Second, I can’t tell when I’m housed - the noise is too generic sounding
And age up for the enemy is a super pleasant sound - when it should be the sound of death

For people who have played this for 20 years their brain wont even register new sounds since their mind is searching for the original sounds! 11. I need original attack sound, original 30 sound so i know when im being smushed and most of all MOVE THE CURRENT AGE in middle! Right now its oddly at the left side and i cant seem to notice it ever.

I really want this game to work and hope some one can either collaborate with me and make it a bit more classic for those who are stuck up with original style.

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I was looking into it some weeks ago but got no time to start. Heres were i think the music/sounds are stored:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\AoE2DE\wwise

There are some *.wem files and *.bnk files wich can be extracted and converted to '.ogg sound files u can play with media player etc.

The tools provided by google / github are not very intuitive or only available when u pay for…

I would like to see someone to get this done with the original sound files including the scenario narrators…

Here is an official guide from an Forgotten Empires Developer:

Developer has confirmed, that classic (original) music and sound effects will be made available in game either by official mod or toggle in options.

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I made this if you want the original taunts for a start.

The folder structure isn’t all there anymore, but mod folders still treat them as the same structure as before.
i.e. for taunts
C:\Users\xxxxx\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\00000000000000\mods\subscribed\YourModsName\resources\en\sound\taunt
But the sound\taunt folder isn’t really there in the program files. It works though from the mods perspective.

Last week StepS created mods for the original effects and music. More info here: Someone please add the original sounds back through a mod!

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