Ornlu did it again

Disclaimer: this thread contains excessive sarcasm! If you don’t get that, don’t read it!

Content removed cause it was probably not assigned well enough and/or crossed a line.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you’re interested, the only censored word up there is


Chill. If you don’t like his content and are just going to be super toxic and unpleasant about it, why are you watching it?

There’s a number of ways a tierlist could be made, this is one of them, he literally says it isn’t the regular kind of tierlist. Why is this a problem? Seriously, complaining about literal English definitions of words is just petty and irrelevant.

Ok, I’ve read all your comments. Seriously, this post should totally be flagged, it’s one of the most toxic posts I’ve read on here for a while, and there’s no reason for it. It sounds like you’ve watched a video you personally disagree with, and are now venting in a super unpleasant manner. It’s clearly not about how to play the civs or win with them, it’s not that kind of tierlist, it’s about how well civs fit a suitable theme within the game.

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This was meant to be so sarcastic everrybody should get it form the getgo.
I added a disclaimer.

Yeah, this reads as way past sarcasm for me, especially as it’s a whole post of it with no sign of relenting. Even if I accept that it is intended in a sarcastic fashion, what’s the point? It’s just a page of words that read in an unpleasant manner towards a content creator trying to make videos for people to enjoy, with no real constructive purpose.

OK, I’ll take it out for now and ask the mods if it’s ok if it’s marked as that sarcasm it’s intended to.

I thought it’d be OK if it’s so obviously sarcastic. But Maybe I shoudl first have asked the community/guidance of the forum.