Ornlu's UUs tier list

Is this the new one?

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Is this the new one?

Since I spot the Serjeant in the thumbnail I will hazard a yes to that question

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Why is the Teutonic Knight, Throwing Axemen and Slingers F-tier? Teutonic Knights beat all melee units except for the Leitis and War Elephant with equal numbers, Throwing Axemen absolutely wreck rams, production buildings and infantry, the Slinger is the best counter to infantry and the Mangudai is S-tier, not D-tier.
My S-tier: Mangudai, Longbowmen, Huskarl, Samurai, Teutonic Knight and the Magyar Huszar.
My F-tier: Karambit Warrior, Tarkan, Keshik, Imperial Skirmisher and the Rattan Archer.

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because they are slow as crap and easily murdered by archers.

why are tarkan, keshik and rattan archer f tier for you?

i mean i know tarkans are niche but they still make excellent raiders, keshiks are dirt cheap and very tanky vs archers, and rattans are an anti archer archer. very good units.\

also don’t look at the thumbnail. actually watch the video. do you really think plumes and mangudai are d tier?


Axeman is B man. IMO its A, 25gold is too cheap for this crazy attack.

And i dont think of a reason why an upgrade of trash unit (imp skirm) is F, it improve trash war and counter archer massively. At least an A to me

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Watch the video guys then discussed, the thumbnail here is a clickbait 11


Also halbs, skirms, camels and mamelukes

The Tarkan is like a ram good against buildings and archers but is easily beaten by melee units, I don’t like the Keshik because it has a very low attack and the Rattan archer has a very high attack delay.

I just don’t like skirmishers because the only thing they are good against is archers and even then they can be taken out in one shot if the archer numbers are high enough.

its not meant to be good against melee units. the low attack, melee armor, and attack rate are all good indications of this. its literally meant to raid.

its also dirt cheap and very good against archers and cheap.

its also very fast for a foot archer, has very high pierce armor, and high base attack.

the spear line would like to have a word with you.

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Maybe look at the whole video, since that picture is random just to avoid spoilers. There even isn’t an F tier…


The Skirmisher is just a soft counter to pikemen and I don’t like them either.

and anyone who would say mangudai is d tier needs to get their head checked.

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I completely agree with Ornlu except for Arambai, i don’t think the Arambai is S tier at all especially after the last nerf, it is not even B


like it or not, but it helps them during trash wars and besides. even just being great against archers is more then fine, seeing as we have lots of good archer civs in the game.

This arambai is hard to judge. They are massibely nerfed vs buildings and small group of units, but buffed vs big groups. So the sweetpot switch to late castle age, where imperial age archers havent come into play


They have only the first armor which make them completely ez to kill, and now they nerfed their attack

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But the thing is they still OP vs low armor units (e.g. archers) and can hit and run cavs (less easily in small group). Elite is okay vs non-archer civs. And this unit is massively assisted by the free lumber upgrades. Maybe B+ overall

Archers kill them ez, they have only 5 range, and xbow in castle age have 5+2, actually Burmese are really bad vs archers civs, they are better vs cav civs

Depends on size. 20 arambais wreck 30 xbow
Very hard to micro away from them due to speed