Other IDEA: Automatic Queue Function for competitive and low elo

Compiling what I have read on the subject, my proposal is as follows:

The automatic production of the villagers in the time of the castles, with a raised cost of gold and food.

I consider that with a price of 2 thousand gold, or depending on the civilization a thousand of food and a thousand of gold, or a higher price to activate the automation of only “villagers”, since the beginning of the era of castles, in the Competitive tournament, I know that they will not use it, since those resources are valuable, but in low “elo” maybe if anyone wants to use it.

My concern is for the community, I don’t want it to decrease, only 300 people have a level higher than 1500. Without community, the game will die.

The game isn’t dying and auto queuing of military and villagers is not needed to stop it dying. AOE2 did ok for over 20 years without it.


“Yes” that’s why the same 8 as always play the finals

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‘always’? So far there’s only been 1 pro AOE4 tournament. It had people from every big RTS. From AOE online, Age of Mythology, Starcraft 2, AOE2.

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Of course they come from other “rts” because they are so “competitive” that nobody plays them and they took away the multiplayer like “warcraft lll”

Starcraft 2 has been a game with millions of online players in its prime and it had no auto queue.

That said, everything that can make a casual have fun, that is in custom games.

I mean, it was his game “worse is nothing”, but today there are millions of games. the number of players, from the "age 4"low, from 40 thousand to half

SC2 came out when the RTS genre was on the wane and a lot of people liked it.

If you think that the RTS genre should evolve to the auto-queue in most aspects, then wait for one to come out and let’s evaluate if it is going to be competitively attractive, while, in this one, there won’t be.

By the way, AoM has an auto-queue and it didn’t fare as well as AoE2.

no, AOM did badly because it only satisfies a small group of professionals and nobody plays it, the multiplayer is dead

I still think it is a good idea, if the cost is high in competitive they will not use it, it could cost 1500 gold in third age and reset in fourth and pay back 1500 gold for the automation of villagers. Maybe in low elo if they use it. How many games have been won by the “wonder” in competitive? Well, none.

No thank you. Game should not play itself.


with that logic there should not be the accumulated orders with the shift. And those who have left the game I don’t think they think like you.

I’m sure they will come back if autoqueue is added?


How many instead play it on game pass? I think more than steam, as you can play practically play for free if you do daily quests and research on Microsoft rewards…

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I don’t think auto-queue will have any impact on the playerbase population. Negative or positive. People who like the game will play anyway, and those who don’t get hooked will quit regardless.

About your suggestion, the game already is more friendly to low apm players than starcraft2 and aoe2. Adding auto-queue will just prolongue bad habits for new players.

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That figure was 40 thousand, I mean it decreased to 13 thousand.