Otto mm too strong for no reason


the most egregious is they have that multi vs HI, but apart from that, they also have more speed than normal mm (4.25 vs 4.0) and do double the damage vs vills as normal mm (0.5 multi vs 0.25).

awhile ago the Team gave mm a 0.25 negative multi to stop them from killing fb vills, but otto mm are FASTER than vills (so even w/perfect reaction you lose them) which makes them even stronger vs fb than original mm.

this gimmick of giving random civs things which are strictly better is so annoying


But Ottoman HAVE to do everything better than everyone else…

If they want them to be better they should cost more.


My wild idea is if they MUST act like fast skirms let them do .75 or such to cav
Thats right you wanna nuke any age2 rush well then get idled by cav semis. Its called a trade off. We used to do those. Its not like jans or azaps cant be made to deal with serious cav pressure


Fill in the blank: “Otto ____ is too strong for no reason”. Anything you put is probably true.


Except minutemen. 20 characters

Hmm, let me try it…

Otto Imam is too strong for no reason. Can’t believe that they now only cost food the fastest gathered resources, and they got no problem since their settler cost nothing. They also quite tanky for age 2 unit, same hp as halbs but with ranged resistance, whats more is they can heal anything.

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do they still heal twice as fast as regular healers?

Pretty sure they heal at 10/s until the standard upgrade to 15/s.

at some point they were double so I guess I can add 1 bullet point to my list of actual otto nerfs.


Yeah lol… I just ran a test, Azaps are just flat out better in age 5 now. More damage to light cav and the same max range. 48f and 32w for like 20 x 3.5 with 1.5 rof… that’s like 140 damage… absolutely absurd.

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so you’re saying they need to be buffed next patch, right?


I have done some verrrry deep digging and finally found an Otto unit that is not randomly better: Petards. No buffs no cheaper costs just normal Euro Petards.


The only thing broken about the Ottomans are the ulufelis. Stop speculating on other aspects. Maybe the range of azaps should be reduced to 12 at age 2 and that’s it.

The Ottoman economy is not broken and in fact it is not the aspect for which the Ottomans usually shine.

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Abus are too strong to even be considered Skirms, Azaps remove a whole weakness and Nizams are now trainable(even tho the average Bottom won’t even know they exist or what their stances do), Deli are just better Huss and Janissary HP jumpscare me every time when I look them up in the wiki with how much they have. Pretty much everything else is above average as well and their eco is only a problem in 1v1.

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