Ottoman and Malian arrows not on fire even after Chemistry has been researched

I don’t know if anyone has reported this bug yet. So, I decided to do the reporting and inform that fire arrows aren’t showing when playing as the Ottomans or Malians, even after Chemistry has been researched.

Isn’t Incendiary arrows upgrade that give fire to arrow for AOE4?

Chemistry giving fire to arrow is in AOE2.

Oh. Whoops, I thought Chemistry in AoE4 does also set fire to arrows just like in AoE2, but it looks like that Incendiary Arrows is the one that sets fire to arrows. Anyways, I have seen Ottoman arrows not being on fire even after Incendiary Arrows is researched though.

On that point, someone already report and dev knew about it:

This was exactly what I was referring to. Thanks for pointing out that someone reported it. I probably wouldn’t have made this topic if I knew someone else having already reported on this bug.

Malians don’t even have incendiary arrow tech available to them in the university because their ranged already get different unique tech bonuses (poison arrows) and don’t all fire arrows (jav throwers).