Ottoman, British, France Home Cities Should Be Reworked!

I like USA, China, İndia, Japan, Germany, Sweeden, Hausa, Etiyopya home cities. They have large and beaitiful looking. We can even change weathers, day and night. They are gergous. But Ottoman, British, France home cities are not good. They are so small and they dont have weathers and day and night. Please devs, rework the these home cities :slight_smile:


In my opinion, Home Cities from European civs lacks something like parades, festivals, etc. known from, for example, Asian, African and American civs Home Cities.


Examples of enhancements for Home Cities from European civs:

  • Germans - Paradeschritt (Military parade. Units with Pickelhaube)
  • Spanish - La Tomatina
  • Ottomans - Mevlana Whirling Dervishes Festival
  • British - Bonfire Night
  • French - French Revolution

Those take a large area. The overcrowded crowds require higher computer performance and remove many pedestrians, including other settings options.

I would like to see improvement on these issues, otherwise I am not expecting any new parades or festivals. Even without them it’s good to add new pedestrians or skyboxes, for example Bonfire Night can be a firework night lightening for London.

This is a huge waste of game assets.
They are good.

For a different city look, you can support the concept of second home cities.

Nope. As I told these home cities arent good. Other home cities are awesome and that is unfair :slight_smile:

The existing Second home cities will not remove the first one.

They offer the choices to the city look.


Sorry I misunderstand. You said second home city :yum: :yum:

Second Home City (Germans and Italians civs more!) for European civs:

  1. Ottoman civ - Constantinople (Constantinople freshly conquered by the Ottomans. Byzantine city appearance and destruction & fire effects as a customization option)
  2. British - alternative London look from the Palace of Westminster
  3. French civ - Versailles
  4. Dutch civ - The Hague
  5. Germans civ - Vienna, Munich, Prague, Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, Aachen and Frankfurt
  6. Italians civ - Rome, Vatican, Florence, Milan, Turin, Naples, Palermo and Genoa
  7. Maltese civ - Jerusalem
  8. Swedes civ - Uppsala
  9. Spanish civ - Madrid
  10. Portuguese civ - Rio de Janeiro???
  11. Russians civ - Moscow
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Home Cities for potential new European civs:

  1. Austria-Hungary civ - Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Lviv and Dubrovnik
  2. Danes civ - Copenhagen and Roskilde
  3. Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth civ - Cracow, Warsaw and Vilnius
  4. Prussians civ - Berlin, Malbork and Konigsberg
  5. Ukrainians (Cossacks) civ - Kyiv and Baturyn
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I like the French home city. I hate the Indian one seems like a glare

Let’s consider only the second home city first, not the third or fourth.
The modules of the second home cities will have different city design (for example there is a railway station or post station instead of a river dock for an inland city), and players can switch between the first and second home cities to choose their favorite city appearance.

My list. These are the solid options in my opinion.
British: Birmingham (The representative of the Industrial Revolution)
French: Lyon
Dutch: Rotterdam
Germans: Vienna
Swedes: Gothenburg
Russians: Moscow
Spanish: Madrid (Or Valencia if the port city is emphasized)
Portuguese: Porto
Ottomans: Izmir
Italians: Rome
Chinese: Guangzhou (If the Imperial Fleet cannot be regarded as second home city)
Japanese: Osaka
Indians: Mumbai
(About Native Americans, Maltese, United States and Mexicans, I’m not sure.)

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Yes, most likely they will do it later, after adding the customizations for the Native American civs…

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Would be good…especially the French revolution with people waving French tricolor flags type this:

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Of course that would be very good… the Portuguese could be given Porto,the Dutch Amberes,the Maltese Tripoli,and the Brazilians would have Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo…

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