Ottoman has no counter to ruyter?

Ottoman missing skirm is a pain in A$$. tested, 25 abus vs 38 ruyter, equal res. Abus loses terribly. Equal pop 25 abus vs 50 ruyters, more lopsided.

Janissary trade well against ruyter but they are slower and short ranged. Soft counter only no hard counter.

Cav archer? If they stand there and shoot might have a chance but if both players micro then ruyters win again. Not even a soft counter.

Nizam fusilier in defence mode : difficult to mass, short ranged, slow.

Kiting with abus? Maybe can kill a few ruyters but ruyters are much faster and can quickly catch up and force a fight.

What other units Otto has?


Towers? lol or rush in age 2.

there is a reason why the go to comp for otto is Jan Abus - you need both

Jan in front, abus kite around in the back

ryuter only has at least 14 range, just kite them with abus while jan hangs around and shoot at ryuters that comes close

you can easily remove 10 of your abus for 20 jans to guard your abus

edit: abus will also overkill ryuters alot so you want only a low number of them well defended rather then mass

musketeers are effective vs dragoons, just use your jans.

cavalry archers are also cost effective in a straight fight.

Skirmishes + Carabinieri/Dragons + Cannons has always put a strain on civs lacking this combination.

Most of civs have a decent skirm/archer. Otto and sweden are the only ones missing. But sweden can unlock jaegers, nothing for Otto. Abus can’t replace skirms once the game goes on…

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Usually dutch goes skirm ruyter, janissary is obsolete. So otto has what…abus cav archer…so now dutch skirm counters cav archer but otto abus doesn’t counter ruyter. Imbalance here. Both civs can add artillery so no advantage for otto either.

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then add cannons and keep the jans to protect the cannons. you dont actually need to have then fight, heck keeping them from running forward to their death will be most of your job.

Their job is to be body block for cave charges, shooting and snaring ruyters that get too cheeky while cannon and abus just keep shooting

abus are also soft counters to skirms, so every shot that the skirms waste on jan is a shot not on abus, which can then fire back.

if you really want to take it to the next level, have 3 control groups, one for abus (idieally in defend mode so they pack), ### ### ### and one for the cannons and just keep microing all three to ensure they are all at their optimal level. its definitely not easy but its so powerful

then aslo prep some cav for the inevitable culv counter, or just dive with all of your unit to kill them(success not guaranteed)

Actually Sweden always has jaegers (always at tavern) and they have X-bow too.

But yeah for ottoman their skirmisher is gold heavy and particularly bad at handling ruyters and zamburaks because of their slow RoF, overkill and poor pop efficiency. But those units are made of paper and die to 3 musket hits.

Playing as Otto versus Dutch I find it best to straight FF and attack early with jans and 2 falcs and 5 hussar card, before they get the chance to mass skirm ruyter.

actually I forgot otto has a single #### ### shipment against ryuter skirm, just send mamlukes

Nizam in defend mode have ranged bonus vs all cav.