Ottoman need to be changed

Hi i play often Ottomans and i can said they need a rework, here my ideas :

  • Reduce the woods cost, and gold a bit for the mosquee update.

  • Increase XP from mosque.

  • The Abus Guns are too expensive honestly, for 100 Gold each unit is a lot, i would have been agree if it was a good cavalry with this price but this unit honestly is weak even if you have three this is why 75 foods and 85 golds is better, grenadier who are less expensive in coins are much butter units than them. Abus Guns time to train need to be better than grenadier, because they are between artillery and infantery in term of use -6 or 4 seconds could be better for these units.

  • Abus Gun need a card in the age III or IV in late game who make them expensive like the original cost 100 coins but the food is much higher 65 instead of 50, but they do more damage to infantry, light cavalry, cavalry and have a zone damage in close range.

For example :
x1.5 vs. [Heavy infantry] to 2 to heavy infantry.
x0.75 vs. [Ship] to 1.25 to Ship
x0.5 vs. [Artillery] to X1.15 to Artillery
x0.5 vs. [Cavalry] to 0.75 [Cavalry] [Shock infantry]
x0.25 vs. [Villager]

  • Nizam Fusilier can be train in Age III in the casern with a special card like the British. They are more expensive than Janissary.

  • A card who can make you build Great Bombard in Artillery in Age IV, they are the most expensive artillery and their time to build is the higher among the artillery.

  • A card who allow you to train The Spahi in ecury, for their cost, it can be similar to the heavy cavalry like the “Gendarme” (French Cavalry) and time of training they are maybe more low than the others cavalry. I never see someone use this cavalry in a ranked match this is why for me it’s time to bring them back knowing it’s a good cavalry but nobody use them like the Nizam fusiliers who are good but rarely used.

What do you think, after it’s some ideas i had, what do you suggest ?


I could see a change to the mosque upgrades and possibly a small increase to mosque xp. As for grenadiers being better than abus I don’t agree there, abus are really good units and are skirms that avoid practically every units resistances by doing siege damage, which is why they can snipe artillery quickly too. I don’t think they need a major buff but maybe a small increase to fire rate as they are available in age 2 and are very strong units.

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Hi, thx for your comment, honestly abus guns are weaks when they are not in numbers this is why the cost at least need to changed, for example one of my ideas is to make them much better in late game with the cost that we know.

What do you think too about the Heavy cavalry and the nazim fusiliers, honestly they need to be accessible like the Great Bombard.

For abus a small fire rate increase and possibly a higher multiplier vs light cavalry would be enough I think.
Spahi and Nizams should remain as they are, they are incredibly strong units that don’t need a buff. I think there is an infinite spahi card and also after sending the nizam church tech in age 4 the infinite 8 jans card will send 8 nizams.

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  • I would not increase the xp for the mosquee, it feels fine as it is
  • decreasing the wood costs of the mosquee updates: why not, if the civ is too weak, but I am not sure.
  • I think the abus gun is not too expensive, it is too weak, because it has 2 pop. It is fine if the abus gun is weaker than the traditional skirmishers (as a weakness of the civ), but it would be nice to improve the multiplicator against light cavalry (x1.5 to x1.75 or x2.0), and revert their ROF to 3.0s from 3.5s (if it does not make the unit too strong).
  • I don’t want the abus gun to have area of damage
  • If it is not the case, we should get 6 abus guns age III and not 5 from the card.
  • Giving Nizam Fusiliers the same treatment as british shirmishers is a great idea
  • Spahi should not be trainable, and should only be available from shipments, just like the indians urumis. There are infinite cards for that.

You want an age 4 card that replaces jans in the barracks with nizams? That’d be ridiculously OP, they counter every unit.

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Nizams are not Op they are good, for example they are like the Swedens units, i mean a card who make them with janissary, same for the cavalry, the cost will be very high and it can be in late game for example in the 4th age, for make it balance.

I know that there is infinite card, but still it will be more good honeslty to train them in the barrack why the french cavalry don’t have the same treatement same with the african, the russian etc…, it’s a shame one of the best cavalry can’t be train like the others, Ottomans are nerfed and add them won’t but them, but make them good as the others, because they are limited. Like the urumis, who need to be accessible in a way, but with a great cost in term of ressources.

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Spahi and Nizams are really strong but it’s not because they are strong that they are OP, for example in ranked game, they can be countered by artillery with heavy infantery same for the cavalry, it’s like the french cavalry, or the ethopian, and the sweden cavalry so why not the ottomans and the nizams now, because ottomans have less advantage than them.

They’re not comparable to british rangers which are weak skirms, weaker than regular longbow in most cases. Nizams counter different units by just changing stance, spahi are very strong units that deal area damage and heal themselves by being idle. The reason they’re not currently OP is because they are not trainable.


Like i say when units is Op it’s simple, make them very high, for example the bellicist price is :
50 foods and 65 coins (tell me if i’m wrong) the nazims price could be 70 foods and 85 coins because of their ability and powers for the Spahi their cost could be like the cuirassier so 150 foods and coins. It’s better like that, because honestly it’s not with card with free units you will win, in a game it’s the economy pression, the rush, the fast fortress, the economic boom, and not 9 units or 20 free units who will make you win.

Yeah i know this is why, their cost could be very high, much more higher than the cuirassier then, like 175 foods and 175 coins. Or simply make them lose their heal ability, just that. Like the nizams if they are too op nerf them, but make them train in the caserns.

They still remain unbalanced in treaty if you do that because they can have tons of resources saved up by the end of 40 minutes and just field 50 imperial cav combat carded spahi.

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It’s true this is why they can nerf them, but make them used in later games, like nazims who need nerf and same for be accessible.

For example watch the others civs like spanish and you will see why they need change like this.


175 food and 175 gold is also not enough.
Keep in mind that the Spahí has almost twice the life of the cuirassier, 10 more damage points and more speed. They should nerf him quite a bit if he could be trained, I prefer that.

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Spain would only need an improvement to musk or skirm, arquebusiers or cannonmen or a rework to unction.
With just one of these improvements, Spain would be fine.

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Not really, i will make a thread about that, they need to be more different.

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I know, it is poorly focused but since they are not going to change it, we have to adapt and improve what I have said they can do.

That would be really OP. Spahi already are good in a small group and they are better then gendarmes