Ottoman Needs Some New Units!

With new update games is going to awasome. German, French, Britain have at least three types of infatry units but Ottomans have only Janissary Unit. Please add some units for ottomans.

Nizam fusilier is a new infantry, spahi entrenable?

You have new infantry units Nizam Fusilier:

Also as Ottomans you can revolt as Egypt(Mameluke) or Barbary States(Corsair Musketeers and Barbary Warriors) to get some more new units

Nizamı Cedit is New unit but they can be taken from cards, capital.I want new units from barracks. Like I said Germany French and Britanya have two or three good units from barracks. . .

The Nizam Fusilier are really cool wish they could be trained more to be incorporated into the main army… Maybe they can be trained from the saloon or fort since you only get 15 in a game once you get them from the church

You can train them from forts if you revolt to Egyptian :upside_down_face:

Ohh thank you!! I’ll give it a try hehe

they could add skirmishers called sarica and dragoons called sekban to ottomans, they could cost higher gold, less food and have mediocre range combat but good melee combat. light infantry and light cavalry.

skirmishers would be a decent melee alternative to abus and dragoons could be an upgrade of cavalry archers. cavalry archers are weak and should be able to train in age 2, so cav archers and dragoons would be like crossbows and skirmishers direct upgrade.

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