Ottoman Sea Gate castle stops working if any landmark is destroyed

So Ottomans has a landmark, called Sea Gate castle in imperial age that have castles give 40% movement speed and 10 armor to nearby trader.

In one of my matches today however, the buff disappeared the moment the mehmed imperial armory(one of their castle age landmark) was destroyed. When i repaired the landmark to full health(so it worked again), the traders started getting the movement speed buff again. The aura’s indicator also disappeared like it was never there, and then reappear.

i don’t know if this occurs with every landmark, or just with the armory. You can’t delete your own landmarks so i can’t test it.

I don’t know if it is fixed already, but i remember getting the very same movement speed/armor bonus of this landmark with the other landmark present on the PuP. The two migth be connected

Really appreciate you reporting @Gerix55! The team will investigate this.

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