Ottomans balance issue for Janissary and Nizam Fusiliers

I like the design of Nizam Fusiliers from church tech shipment, but some cards cannot work to them.
e.g. Battlefield Construction, Janissary Combat.
I hope it can work to Nizam Fusiliers.

Plz increasing the number of the Janissaries cards.
Because Janissary decreases their HP and food cost.
Their cards also decrease in value.
It should be:
8 Janissaries -> 9 Janissaries (Age 3)
12 Janissaries -> 13 Janissaries (Age 4)
9 Janissaries -> 10 Janissaries (Age 4, infinite)
And plz increasing the number of the Nizam Fusiliers cards too.

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This is such terrible design. A unit that counters it’s counter at range?! You’re limited to only use artillery to counter these monsters.

And then you want to add more cards that buff them? Please, no.


Nizam Fusiliers is limited by shipment, and the church tech costs 2500 woods.

If you thought it is too op, it can change against infantry to against heavy infantry at range.

Then you can counter it by Skirmish.

Yeah it certainly should not counter it’s counter.