Ottomans dont have any unique technology!

When I play the PUB, I see that Ottomans dont have any unique tecnologies about Jans and siege. Jans and siege units dont take any buffs. This is so weird. I hope PUB isnt the final version.

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What about mehter and vizier?

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Mehter and vezier give the temporary buffs. Techlogies give the permanent buffs. For example ottomans are famonus siege units and siege but in the game they can only use grand bombard. They dont have tecs that siege units hp or faster reloading buffs or another. I also dont like the veziers. They arent so useful at current state.

Every Vizier except for 1 gives a permanent buff.

These buff arent related siege units and jans.

Have you even looked at them?

One is literally purely a unique siege buff.

Another is related to Jannisaries by allowing them to be trained in military academies.

Another (the only one that doesn’t have a permanent buff) instantly trains a group of janissaries.

Yeah Ottomans have got too many unique units instead of unique techs. They should remove some unique buildings and units and add unique techs that don’t give more visual transformation only gives some text that it upgraded.

There is a Vizier called “siege Crew” that buff a about 25% setup speed and attack speed! Also Mehter influence sieges as well

The fact that Janissary are very capable at defending siege engines through repairs and as a cavalry counter, makes them really proficient in maintaining some immense pressure through siege.
The 25% attack rate buff to siege, especially for great bombard is really potent too

@moderators Is it possible to open an “Ottoman Feedback” thread, we have at least 5 Ottoman topics and they are quite close to each other. I think 1-2 two would be better.


first and let me correct u , its not PUB its PUP , second , hmm literally imperial council are 9 techs , unique to the ottomans …

and u can upgrade jannisaires too , there is a tech to improve their weapons …

and yeah PUP its not final version but it will probably will come same way or at least simillar…