Ottomans is broken

Lost between the clear OPness of ZXL and the unfunness of playing against Jeanne D’Arc, another broken civ is hiding.

Let’s say you’re playing against China. What’s your game plan? Well, if you play an aggressive civ like Mongols or French, you kill them early. You don’t let the game reach the imperial age, because they’re better than you at it.
Ottomans on the other hand… Simply put: such a strong civ in the late game has no business being this good in the early game. It starts in the dark age, where they get a free spearmen that they can harass you with or defend their villages with for free. “BUT”, I hear you typing with your slimy Ottoman main hands “BUT THEY NEED TO MINE STONE FOR 5 SECONDS TO DO THAT!!!”. Yes, so what? They get a military school out of it, which will passively spawn units for the entirety of the game. Compare this to an english or mongol drush, for example: They’re not getting their investment into the early MAA/spearman back, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

But anyway, you can deal with one spearman, right? Fair enough. So now you’re in the feudal age and so is the Ottoman player, what do you do?
You decide to harass: They aged up with Twin Minaret and spawned sheep thanks to Anatolian hills, so their food income is safe for a good while. You can harass their gold or stone, but keep in mind that they now have production buildings AND military schools that are spawning units. In other words: They quite possibly have more units than you, and it’s not like their units are weak. They have the sipahi, arguably the best light cav in the game. They have the mehter, which is like a budget khan, but on ######### And there can be more than one of them. If things go south, they can even spawn Janissaries with the Janissary Company vizier point.

So, unless you severely outmicro them: You won’t kill them in the feudal age.

Both of you are now in the castle age. The highly skilled Ottoman player is now making Janissaries. It’s a ranged units. How do you counter ranged units? Cav? NOPE. Not the epic badass Janissary! Janissaries delete that. Archers? Okay, but first you have to go through the Ottomans’ frontline. While your own frontline is getting torn to shreds by Janissaries. Fair and balanced.

Oh yeah, and the Ottoman player aged up with Mehmed Imperial Armory! So now they get siege for free too! You know how much that’s worth? Well, if they reach age 4 and build the observatory, that’s worth as much as 168 wood and 298 gold per minute! And people think that they 120 ressources/min or so from the meditation garden is broken. Lol. Lmao even. (Mediation garden IS broken, but less than the Armory.)

So your frontline gets deleted by the Janissaries, your archers can’t reach said Janissaries, you can’t make cav (btw RIP if you play a cav civ). The Ottoman player now reaches the Imperial Age. I don’t think I need to explain why they’re broken there.

Ottomans deserves a nerf. if nothing else, remove the bonus damage Janissary deals to cavalry and slightly buff their base damage instead. But, really, the whole civ needs to be looked into.

Oh yeah, and I don’t want to hear a “but they don’t have an eco bonus!!!” First of all: they get a 15% mining bonus. That’s not a small bonus. Second of all: My brother in Christ, the free units ARE an eco bonus.


I also agree with this. Playing against them sucks.