Ottomans Need Rework!

Every civ have too much love from devs with last patches but ottomans dont. Jans are trash since release. Great Bombard is too much expensive for its use. Ottomans dont have any techs that can win the battle. Vezir points are for only spam units from military school which is lazy concept for creating civ. Dear devs please show some love for Ottomans.


someone haven’t read the PUP notes.

Also Jans are pretty good as is.


Yes we always watch pro videos that they use jans. Nope man. Every civ got too much love after ottomans malians released. Devs give the civs new unit or tech.

No, thank you. The Ottomans are already one of the strongest civs in the game.


Most boring and predictable civ.


The Ottomans are more asymmetrical than some AoE4 civs.

I think you are confusing the strategic variety of the civ with its design.

The Ottomans are in a good position (maybe a horse archer would be nice). The only one I would ask for some unique technology and unity is the HRE.

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Civs design has effected the stratejik variety for Ottomans. Only spamming units is not a stratejik choice for players. It force players the spam units. Vezier point rely on military school thats all for Ottomans.

Each civ usually has an identity part. The Ottoman economy is military.

Delhi seems a lot more one dimensional to me, because you can’t do anything but dominate and take over the Sacred Sites.

With Ottomans you can still go to 2nd TC, you can do a semi FC or spam units in feudal of your choice in military schools.

Perhaps not the most varied, but not the simplest either, in my opinion.


With Lancers and Sipahi, Ottoman can definitely be a Cavalry civ in the up-coming season, check the new unit Keshik of Mongols, with only 145 hp in feudal, poor thing.


Sipahi should be heavy cav using maces instead of lancers. Deli should be light cav as current sipahi model.

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no, ottomans are fun.

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I dont see any fun about Ottomans. When I watch pro videos, pros dont have so much choice but only spamming units. After reworked civs, Abbasid, Mongols, English, Delhi are fun to watch.

when you have a micro intensive civ literally designed to be able to have a literal free army at the cost of slower training but constant time until imp then YEAH the civ is literally meant to spam units while having to focus a bit more on your eco, because otto eco is not that good tbh.

plus english have not been reworked either, theyre the same since the first time i played on closed beta, yes they have recieved some balance changes but a rework? i dont think so…

Anyways, ottoman are actually fun, microintensive civ wich makes you wonder your posibilities while improving, gathering and using your free army to keep your enemies at bay while you center on dominating and improving your economy and developing a fearsome empire wich at the lategame completly destroys any posibility for an enemy comeback.

idk but i see otto being at a good place now, tbh its a fun civ.

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English, Delhi, Abbasid, Mongols got new units and all civs features has been changed. Thats the rework.

new units + techs mean no rework , those are improvements, a rework completly changes a civ. otto is a new civ, it doesnt need more units, it already has like 5 unique units (mehter, sipahi , jans, great bombard, the grand galley) and otto has already recieved some improvements to the vizier system

New units and features makes civs more fun and playable. That s not improvement, thats rework. You think ottos dont need units but I think ottos and hre needs new units. GB, jans are broken. Grand galley is nothing. Vezier sytem rely on military school but not more that. Ottomans are siege, gunpowder civ but mehmed armory doesnt have uniq tecs about that. Also ottomans dont have horse archers but Rus have that is so ridicilious.

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The literal definition of rework is to remake something . adding units and techs are NOT remaking something , a rework is whenever you change the core parts of a civ, by your definition it’s not a rework, proved by definition, it’s what can you call, an improvement.

Well , I can MAYBE and somehow agree on that bc historical accuracy, however and foremost this could be implemented into the sipahi via an ability and I don’t think this is THIS HIGH on priority list either, Otto are pretty asimetric as it is.

You must be kidding , HRE DOES need units , they have LITERALLY 2 UNIQUE UNITS IF WE COUNT the prelate and REEALLY needs improvements, having a whole thread for that with over 10k views, otto in the other hand has 5 unique and cool units which actually are fun to use such as the great bombard (probably the most cool unit in the game )

While I agree Otto could see some improvements regarding the vizier system (even if they did in this update)I think it’s not that necessary seeing how Otto are fun to use now.

Ottomans as i can see recieved some buffs i agree with you those are not sipahi they are renamed to deli and ottos should have horse archer actually devs could add unique units that some cultures shares that can make the whole thing so easy

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I’m not sure they need a full on rework. Most of the ideas behind the civs are solid, they’re just hamstrung by some crappy unique units.

Jans are a massive hole in terms of design, but after so long I’ve given up on this - methinks devs are gonna die on this hill. The early hand gonnes were used in concert with xbows so I can see where the anti cav thing came from but they’re too hilariously weak to pull that idea off.

GB’s are gated behind age4 and while not useless, mangs just do the same job better in most cases by massing up faster. I’d rework these to make them a gunpowder trebuchet - 17 range, no splash, bigger anti building/ship bonus. GBs were never used as field guns in the first place. The recent change of putting then on keeps is closer to life

Those aside, mehters are pretty rad. Just sticking them with a lancer mass makes otto a pretty wild knight civ - dps like Rus knights, mobility like Mongols and with military schools its not too hard to spam knights. Same thing to a lesser degree with maa or xbows.

Plus, sipahi just got reworked to be stronger. Sure, they’re also slower and more expensive - mehters and military schools exist so thats overall a net gain.

I have wondered what the design idea behind the Janissary was for this game. Why are they anti-cav specialists? Seems like a desicion based primarily off trying to avoid giving the Ottomans a no-brainer unit for their academys to train but doesnt feel faithful to the unit itself.

Maybe they should be removed from the war academy entirely so they can be reworked into an elite core unit that you always have to pay for.

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