Ottomans Rely On Only Military Schools Which is so lame and Boring!

I write posts that when I play with Ottomans on release. Yes Ottomans rely on only military schools so spamming free units. Dear devs Do you see any strategy about it? You cant see. Ottoman player have to choose military school vizier points othervise he cant win. An ottoman player cant suprise us as we know what he will do. I write here again dear devs you make Ottomans so lame and boring, dont reflect true ottomans.

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How does it not reflect true Ottomans? They were all about the military. They were a boring brute force civ in real life as well.

Yes, they were boring and they f… all of europe.:slight_smile:

They were certainly dominant over eastern Europe. If people are going to claim they were dominant against nations that were so far away from them and strained for supply lines, then they might as well claim that they were dominant over Japan and the Americas as well, lol.

I suppose chauvinism is a hell of a drug.

Europe makes Crusades against Ottomans. Ottomans are dominant power 1453- 1566 in Europe.What are you talking about? Read some history books.

You realise that the European countries had to travel longer and had longer supply lines than the Ottomans? If the Ottomans dared to travel to the UK and attack them, they’d be defeated. Use some common sense.

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European powers couldnt make war 1-1 at 1500-1566. They only united against Ottomans. What you said is that after 1566, age of 3 time frame. Even after 1566 Ottoman threat fears the Europeans. Age of 4 time frame, Ottomans are the strongest if you accept or not. Anyway I dont want to answer you about this topic.

Let’s me guess you’re from turkey? Why there are so much turkey people complaining how bad and boring ottomans are? I’m from Germany and I don’t cry because hre ist bad in this meta at all, I don’t even play much hre.

For your info, the ottomans came until vienna and get destroyed or at least blocked by hre there. So hey, let’s hre autowin if u get matched vs ottoman.

Let mongols destroy everything from rus and china instant because history u know? Let mangudai kill every unit in this game because they were the army core from Mongols.

Why u can play matches with England vs China? Did England even fight against Mongols? Or Japan?

Ottomans were not only famous for Janissary academies. They were famous because these were the most elite (most professional, strongest) generalist soldiers of the age.

In terms of AoE, that translates as fewer but stronger units. But in AoE4 the Jnaissary is the weakest gunpowder unit, far worse than everybody else’s HC.

I think OP definitely has a point here.

The Ottoman Empire not only defeated the French, the HRE and the English in AoE4 time.

They defeated all of them, ALL TOGETHER in important landmark battles.

Mongols got completely destroyed several times by the Mamluk Sultanate and also by Delhi Sultanate.

And after the Turks invented the matchlock gun, Mongols/Tatars were dramatically obliterated in Otlukbeli 1473.
The tech breakthrough was so incredibly brutal, that Mongols basically disappeared from history, something that rarely ever happens to a highly competitive culture.

Guys please dont let the military schools get involved because devs can make it worse while trying to change it.Just some units need a little touch and landmarks can be polished a little for better asthetic.

The Ottomans had a tacit alliance with the French and English while the Ottomans faced the Spanish and the HRE…unless you are referring to the period of the Crusades when the Ottomans were the Sultanate of Rum…

Yes, at least until 1683 the Ottomans continued to put up a good fight…they lost in Vienna and began to lose all their power until they disappeared after WW1 in 1922…


And can you name the location of those battles? Are you guys literally unaware of the concept of supply lines? Name one battle the Ottomans won where they were the ones travelling all the way to the UK.

The guy got suspended, he won’t name anything soon.

I fried of mine told me yesterday that while the Ottomans were indeed a force to be reckoned many of the common things stated in their favour are false or exaggerated. Like the fact they were always outnumber but won anyway. The numbers don’t support that in many occasions. Also the professional soldier status of the Janissary is mistaken for elite.

Janissaries was the first standing army in the world so all of them was professinal soldiers also they were elite.


Well, I can’t say for certain, maybe I’ll come back to it.

Nonetheless, Military Schools depict the professionalism of the Ottoman army, the training their soldiers received, while the absence of cost reflects the militarism. Indeed, Military Schools are an indirect economic bonus, while the civ doesn’t have any outside trade, by default.

That said, those buildings play a huge part in the Ottoman strategy, playing without would be like mutilating yourself. Those characterise the civilization, but by no means tells that they’re boring. It’s just another way to make troops, in the end, you still get to choose which and how to use them.

@falcon0920 you said that the Ottomans can’t win without them but that’s not strange at all, you would be giving up an important economical bonus.

Oh, I forgot. The fact that Jans are that cheap means that they can easily be employed as a regular unit, instead of a rare sight. As it is now, you can make a Jans & “Big Bomb” comp and win (with the last patch).

Yes they should be fewer and stronger. Not trash and free. Isn’t that logical?


Other civs have unique techs that can win the game. Ottomans vizier points, aka techs cant win the game. One of the vizier points that give us jans are so absurt. This is not tech. This cant give ottoman player any permanent advantage. Sea gate castle is useless. Yeah military schools produce plenty of trash units that we cant upgrade with unique techs. Jans arent cav counter in the history. They fight against maa so devs should give - %50 maa damage only to the jans. Giving jans cav counter is so absurt thing ever. But devs did it. Ottomans landmarks are careless made up buildings. Devs dont understand ottomans landmarks are the worst in the game. Ottoman imperial age must shine but it doesnt shine in the game.

There are things i dont agree with you.First seagate caslte is very good landmark.Second Ottoman vizier points are good they are instant free techs i hope devs dont touch them expect the janissary company one(only this is bad).They made jans cav counter because of defeat of hungary knights in a instant but that happened because of canons not janissary.Janissary can be gold heavy , very strong unit.

Ottomans will eventually have rework in near future. Also other players will make complaints like me. Only spamming units is not a feature it is lazy civ design. Players dont use sea gate castle so it is useless.