Ottomans suggestions

I like the concept of the civ!
They add a new playstyle and variety to the game.

But from my playing experience and what I saw in other games,
they lack economic upgrades, my suggestions are:

Give them the buffed berry bushes from Abbassid and Dehli, because they can’t gather the meat from a boar, that would help in some cases with bad map spawns.

The Twin Minaret Medrese, spawns 4 berry bushes that can be gatherd 50% faster, with 5 villager, with gather upgrades 4 villagers can continuously farm these, that is an boost of 2 - 2 1/2 villagers early on, but since they have nothing else and this tech does not scale well later on, it is more an one-time thing.
Same goes for the other landmark “Twin Minmaret Medrese: It spawns with 2 trader gatherd and they collect 28gold / min each, with a capacity of 6”. That is 168 gold / min total. This is equivalent to 4 villager farming gold, but you need also to invest into 4 additional traders with a total cost of 480 resources. There I see the problem, a 2. or 3. tc can produce longterm and cost 700 resources total, so just 220 more and should be favored before adding additional traders to the landmark. But this landmark has longterm value, since gold can become an issue later on.
I think the civ is not figured out yet to its full potential, but executing a 2. TC is for other civs easier, because they have some general economic advantages or bigger early savings and there ottomans got nothing really for them.

I would change the berry bushes capacity on the landmark from 175, to 250. It will boost the feudal of ottomans where they need it the most and later on it’s not a big deal, since farming and food are basically free.

The 2. Landmark is not bad overall, if I would buff it, then just by gold / min. I think the main issue is that players focus on it too early.

Buff: “Anatolian Hills” spawns 8 sheep at your landmark, that can be gathered 10% faster:
Change to: Spawn 8 sheep and increase the gathering of food by 10% for all food sources.

Change: “Trade Bags: Increase the Gold traders collect by 40%” To “Golden Age: Increase the gold traders collect by 30% and gathering rate of gold by 10%”

Buff the T4 Landmark “Instanbul Observatory, The Istanbul observatory increases the bonus to +60% of all military production”

By default it is already +40% at Age 4, so the landmark just adds another 20% for a t4 landmark …
then a single vizier points grants you another +25%, that is better then a T4 landmark.

I would first increase the production bonus per age to 30%, 40%, 50%. The T4 landmark should be buffed to +40% on top of it, the vizer point adding another 25%, you are on 125% production bonus in the influence.
Max speed now is 85% and it feels slow over all ages at its current state.

In the late game you usually produce from 20+ production buildings and other civs have stronger economic advantages that allow them to have fewer villagers while maintaining a constant production of army.

I think the janissary needs a little buff, while they counter efficiently cav, that could be also done cost effectively with spears, their dps for 160 resources is lacking. Other civs handcannoneers are performing well across the board it does not matter what they shoot at, they are just an overall better choice per pop space.


The Ottomans also need to be able to have access to the Horse Archer (or at least a unique version of the Horse Archer).

No no please don’t. Each civ should have its personality.

Mongols are the nomadic civ. Delhi is the free tech, Scholar research civ. China is the dynasties civ. Malians are the stealth, light armor, passive gold civ.

The Ottomans are the military civ, the “empire” civ.

What should a military, “empire” civ have? Easy: the best military units / army, definitely not cute berry bushes.

Ironically, the “military civ” currently has the worst military units in the game! The Otto deep rework should focus on buffing Mil Sch, Sipahi, Jan, GB, Vizier.

Much better to speed up the Military School +30%.

Because (1) this is the Ottoman uniqueness, would allow a unique Ottoman dynamic early on, and (2) this would allow the Mil Sch to play a key role in the Dark and early Feudal Ages, when it’s currently pathetic.

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I like that they made millitary buildings cheaper while staying at 0 eco bonuses. Now I can build more barracks from which not to produce anything because I still have no eco to do so.

Am gonna make 7 barracks and produce spears out of 3 of them! And still lose to Malian Donso spam!


am i the only one that since the omegabuff of the ottomans dont even complain about them? no no but literally the cheaper buildings and the 200 wood start its magnific tbh!
u can make mil school around the 30 second mark , and smooth nicely to feudal with already 6 spears , then u can transition to sipahis , do an early raid and on castle age u can feel the great boom of your empire with the siege printer landmark or with the +2 vizier one (with that one u could select the jannisaires company or the specials mehters that buffs the velocity formation …)

then on imperial mass bombards and jans , and thats it , your oponent is screwed for the most part , literally great bombards printer its so nice , great bombards kills everything on their path , 4 or 5 can wipe out entire armies in less than 2 seconds .

On the pup ive only played ottomans for the most part , and malians not much TBH (malians are cool AF) but i dont want to play with them much on competitive because i dont want to loose the joy of playing with them.

I agree, they got buffed and now feel much better and have a unique playstyle that feels on a level with other civs now.


Wow! Now I can have 1 Spearman, maybe even 2 in dark age! That’s all I needed!

Military school is so fast, so useful in dark age lol

I’m sure my Janisaries and GB won’t get melted instantly anymore.