Ouch why not balance before big tournament?

Every game I play is rus spamming age 3 CA,
Mongols rushing spearman on watermaps followed by double archers (thats 4 at a time btw) and I can’t keep up period.
English infinite pressure and my garbage archers/horseman do nothing vs longbowman micro?
I haven’t seen a french player in years…
Chinese how to punish ? They just camp and mass bombards? haha? Very funny?
Abba and deli are the only two civs that are trash enough it is a fair match up.
For real I hate playing a game where one civ is just dog trash and I picked that civ how unlucky.
I haven’t seen one HRE player beat mongols or rus, english is beatable if they jsut don’t even micro the longbowman but even then if they throw in a few spears and push with the +50% attack speed plz someone let me know how they beat it. This is around top 500 ELO so consider these people do good build orders and follow the meta.
I just I am massively confused as to why HRE is or was even an option in this game. Please remove them, I am wasting my time whenever I pick them.
If I go professional scouts vs rus awesome I get my deer, take some of his if I can but guess what, CA age 3 destroys my archers, knights are hot garbage vs CA, where do you go? What do you do? And even if I do get a good mass of archers he masses scouts AWESOME!!! Now really what do you do lol spearman? Nope. Knights? Nope those units are trash vs CA becasue they can micro back, what next? I can’t get siege scouts will easily run in and snipe them, especially if he is doing the new 4-5 hunting cabin strat… like HRE has zero options vs Rus. And the same thing happens vs mongols. Mongol lancers are stronger than knights in a straight up fight even if I have better upgrades ( i have test this I am not sure why lancers are so strong). Forget crossbowman he can make mangldi and those things shoot dumb fast and trade heavily well vs knights/horseman/and archers. Get siege you say? again you say… siege is poop vs mangldi and lancers he can also get siege himself and make a tower push to counter.

Just remove HRE this civ has little to now options and can only beat one civ and thats deli because it takes 30 mins for them to research anything. They even lose to english and TBH english is not a very good civ in the meta. It is just that fact that HRE has no GOOD options vs english tower push, go age 3? how, lose 50 vils in the process? LUL. Make horseman? They poop and die so quick to longbowman/spearman. Make my own archers? Okay sounds like a messed up joke to even have that unit in the game it is so bad vs longbowman especially if they are pushing with the attack speed buff. Shoot man my grandma could play rus/mongols/english/french/chinese/abba and win vs HRE the civ just doesn’t have a viable build and option. It’s either a coinflip or you get lucky and your teammate doesn’t attack you for 50 mins. LUL.

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So true.

They should make a game with just HRE, Delhi, and Abbasid. Where we could all fight garbage vs garbage. I would have more fun in that game than this one.


*As a masochist HRE I approve this statement *

HRE has been in the pits of hell in this game since launch, every game has its weakest civ. Complaining to remove them is not gonna help at all though, They will get there chance in the sun. And as far as the cav archer go, yeah im sure they are looking into that bs but it is hard to balance a game with this much diversity in civs. I think we all need to take a step back maybe give Relic a little credit for once and see how this game looks when ranked is out, kinda when it all matters, tell then lets let them polish it out.

You should really know how to play 2-3 civs, for this exact reason
and just hope at least one of them is relatively strong in the current meta

Of course, you could end up learning all the civs.
Mongols the strongest, right now? Learn Mongols.
Chinese looking OP? Learn Chinese.
Rus pro couts into cav archers winning everything? Learn Rus.