Our forum survey (poll)

Which are your preferences?

  1. Blood?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Optional
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  1. Graphic?
  • Realism
  • Stylized
  • Realistic without resorting to violence
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  1. Gameplay?
  • More macro oriented
  • More micro intensive
  • Balanced macro and micro
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  1. Automation?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, with penalties
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  1. Game duration?
  • Short
  • Long
  • Half term
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  1. Reconnect?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I dont care
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  1. Units and Civs?
  • Creative freedom
  • Historical loyalty
  • A mix of the 2
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The survey let us pick from a range which the forum software would make pretty impossible to handle, so for the record “stylised” for me is a preference for a more stylised look over a more realistic look. I’m not opposed to realism, but I dislike photorealism as a goal.

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I have a hard time understanding what other people consider stylized vs realistic, so using this webpage as an example, I prefer a stylized approach to color palette and terrain for readability in gameplay with a realistic focus on unit/building proportion and historical consideration in design. Otherwise, thank you for posting the poll!


Me too and I think you and GorbMort managed to translate exactly what I like and think is best for Age of Empires

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Thanks for the survey, one that will most likely be able to use in some Microsoft or Relic statistics meeting when they want to know about opinions of the game in the forum.

Of course, I wanted to expand my opinion further on certain questions in the survey:

2.- Graphics

I vote for realism over surrealism, because I have a preference for the units and graphics of the game to aim to look good in 3D in environments that look realistic (snow, desert, terrain), or even **“Fantastic Realism” ** (Halloween biome, Christmas biome, Fairy Land Biome, Cheat Units, hehe). Even more so, because being a historical game, the more realistic representation of the unique units, buildings and biomes attracts a lot of players from countries that historically the game takes place. What Peruvian didn’t feel happy when Age of Empires 3 began to have maps of the Andes with llamas, and good representation of the Inca army?

About Surrealism: if for reasons of playability or "Cool Factor" some weapons have to be made bigger, or the size of buildings reduced a little, I have no problem. Well, only take care that the proportions are at least acceptable: We had to wait 5 seasons for the HRE Wonder to have a size proportion that really makes it look imposing, since before it was tiny.

Realistic textures for Landmarks and Wonders in this game makes them look incredible. Even if they are minimized representation of their historically similarity, precisely because the essence of those details that make the building unique from others is preserved, they are so appreciated.

7. Units and Civs

If I vote for Historically Loyalty, it is not that I despise Creative freedom, but that is what I believe should always prevail before thinking about making another civ:

  • Realism: First you should think 1).-What special troops, unique mercenaries, or generals are good ideas to use as unique units of a new or already established civilization? 2).- What historical aspects of a medieval kingdom could be used as an economic bonus or new mechanics?

  • Creative Freedom: After that, one must think 3.- How to make the new civilization look cool, while maintaining a certain historical standard? 4.- How to keep the Landmarks looking impressive with a 4x4 space? In that case, the “Creative freedom” factor is important.

Good examples of this aspect are in the Byzantines:

Road stones.- It is the bonus that gives you stone every time you build a building. It refers to “Spolia”, a construction technique in which stones, bricks, or reliefs from old structures or “from the road” are “recycled” to “Fill” construction spaces in buildings. The Romans used it so much that until now there are remains of it in Landmarks such as the Arcs of Triumph:

Photo: Constantine’s triumphal arch recycles several frescoes from structures from previous periods

As I said, this is a good economic bonus because it reflects historicity as well as balance in gameplay, since it allows you to obtain enough stone to build more aqueducts and cisterns. Well, that would be all for now, take care.

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