Out-of-sync errors lategame

I have a feeling there’s a way to force out-of-sync in game. More than once I’ve been on a side clearly winning, and then the game just suddenly goes out of sync and drops me from the game. The strangest part is that most of the time, the game has been running smoothly before quickly crashing.

It doesn’t matter now, since losing does not actually count anywhere, but I hope it gets looked into once the devs come up with built-in elo.

Possibly people removing their wifi /network cable?

I don’t see why they’d bother doing that with no ratings. There’s a perfectly good button for ending their session in the menu :wink:

I don’t understand why they’d bother with that either. However it’s happened so many times that I’m starting to think it’s not a coincidence

Do you ever notice it during losing positions?