Out of Sync near victory

Just played the longest game of my life and had this mysterious out of sync right as we break through their wall laming and almost win through trade victory in a MASSIVE come behind upset. (see score difference)

Very suspicious that the game would go out of sync right there. Just bad timing or can players still really do this?

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I don’t know the specific situation of your game, but based on what I know:
If a player prepares a cheating tool for single-player use in advance and turns it on in a multiplayer game, it will instantly cause the game to be out of sync.

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Are you implying OP is cheating? xD

This does randomly happen when a game client can’t keep up with the game.

I’m not targeting any player per the rules and obviously I can’t know who did anything. But multiplayer before de used to have an awful problem with out of sync when you knew you’d lose. I wasn’t aware that this was still possible and was looking if other people are aware that it can happen.

It needs to be fixed if people are exploiting it and ending the game right before they lose

I think I’ve seen it a few times in games outside of when a known exploit existed (USA team Quaker Guns or something with India both caused immediate and predictable OOSs). Otherwise it’s extremely rare. could it be foul play? possibly… almost seems more possible that it was a long game and something just went wrong. But as you said there’s no way of actually knowing.

If it was intentional I don’t believe it happens often, at least not to me. OOSs in general happen a bit more in treaty games (stability has imo improved over time), but if this was a 2-3 hour Supremacy game I’d imagine just the game length starts increasing the likelihood of catastrophic failures.


Maybe my English is too poor.
I’m speculating that the opponent may have prepared a cheating device in advance, and if they can’t win the game, they will take the initiative to make the game out of sync.


Yes I think someone on the losing team did that

There is no way we finally get the advantage and hold the trade routes + destroy their economy slowly just to have the game end 2 minutes before we win.

The same happened to me 2 times already, funnily enough only the moment I’m winning :confused:

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