Out of Synchronization!

Hi all. It’s after the last updates that often the game is stopped by a sort of OUT OF SYNCRO.

It happens in likes 70-80% of games and seems to be a problem for a lot of players.

in 7 games it’s ###### # times.

Do someone know somwthing about it?


usually someone is ransoming their heroes

its a known bug and has been acknowledged

so are they working on it?

simplesmente em todos os jogos de tratado e jogos longo que requerem ressuscitar o explorador acontece isso aconteceu comigo 6 vezes ontem praticamente acontece com todo mundo

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Has happened to me a few times at launch. Game doesn’t even start. Has to be the update because I haven’t had an oos in recent memory til now.


in this case this happen after 10-15 or more minutes. The game is counted as lost

Just avoid killing their hero whenever you can. It’s being fixed but until the hotfix is released it will continue every time they ransom their explorer.

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but if they don’t let me find their heroes all the time they can do it? it’s like a drop?

If either players explorer dies and they click ransom it will go OOS.

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India’s new explorer customization also causes Out Of Sync.

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It must only be certain explorers or skins. I’ve been playing normally without issue. I have been on both ends of the ransom and no problem. Have only had two oos as a game launched with the same Japan player.

Maybe who has active the 3 dlc of Explorer.

well it means people actually are cheating by using this bug. I can’t play a game where in 7 games, 5 get this problem. Hoping they fix it in few days

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Yes there is A out of SYNC very often .Please Fix this. Even if all players wait the game lag Terrible and reassures disappear .
Also i bought the new customization for the explorer and i cant use them :melting_face: Thanks.

just see that. Most of time i win is often oos. When i lost nothing. Look this streaming. We lost one game was all ok. The last one oos.

It is impressive how by chance the martiskainen explorer disappears from the map and then reappears to do the TC on the island and then be redeemed by seeing that he has lost the island then he has lost the sea. Thanks for the nice game martiskainen.

Just a heads up to AOE3 players: ESO is still working as fine as it ever did. Feel free to hop onto legacy if you are tired of OOSs. You can ransom back your explorers all you want without penalty.

Can I have Azaps and Delis and Humbaraci and Merchants and Yoruks and US Marines on legacy?

Didn’t think so. That’s a pass. Oh also the hackers and the cheaters.

AoE3 players, just wait for the hotfix!


We just discovered this tonight. Ransoming hero from town centre caused out of sync. We reloaded the save game three times before we realised what was causing it.

The problem is that the oss is still practicable on eso and moreover they can moesbar is still unplayable except if among friends.

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