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it’s after the last upgrates that all the game i play and i’m going to win OUT OF SYNC.
when will it fix? it is not posssible playing while all do it

  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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I am experiencing the same issue, and I never experienced it in this game before, it is a new issue, I’ve been playing AOE3 DE since it came out and don’t remember it ever happening before. Except not every game goes out of sync it seems. Here is a game where it went out of sync that I just played, Oct 22 2022 1:13pm JST. Then it says it is unable to restore the game either. Windows 10, gtx 3090, 1 gigabit wired internet connection with 8ms ping.
Record Game.age3Yrec (7.1 MB)

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yeah it’s a big problem. Also a lot of players are lefting the game about it. Sight

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I have it too. somebody said it has something to do with recovering the explorer

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IT IS UN-PLAYABLE since last 20 hours

I see, so if the explorer dies don’t pay to ransom it back? I don’t think I usually do that anyhow but not sure.

the game dies at 00:00:01 its not about ransom

Got OOS as well with some friend. Three OOS in a day out of… 3 matches. Sad

It went out of sync immediately after I tried to ransom back my explorer in one 1v1 ranked game. Another game I just had went out of sync but I didn’t pay to get my explorer back, however I don’t know maybe the opponent did. I can’t watch the replay to find out because the replay is out of sync too, although the sometimes I think I can watch the replay of an out of sync game.

I’m going to say something I never thought I would say in my life. " I’m a fan of IN SYNC"

Edit: Maybe in some cases the opponent is alt-F4ing the game to attempt not to lose ELO? Although in the cases where it happened immediately after I clicked the icon to ransom back my explorer I don’t think so.

No they resque their hero and oos. It’s a bug that not let this game playable

It’s literally the worst bug they could’ve added to the game. My friends and I aren’t even considering anymore playing Age of Empires 3:DE because almost every match went out of sync in the past four days more or less. We already figured out that it depends on the explorer too. When rescuing, the game loses synchronisation. Would be great if they could fix this asap.

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They have released a public update preview of the OOS issue. Play on that build and it should be fixed there.

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What? It doesn’t make sense. Won’t THAT go out of sync also if both people aren’t using it? I guess for non ranked gameplay where you ask everyone if they are on the correct version or not?

Both players have to be on this version.